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INSOL International Graduates

INSOL International is pleased to announce the sixth graduating class of the Global Insolvency Practice Course. The successful participants are now formally recognised as a Fellow, INSOL International.

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New Insolvency Office Holders forum launched

During INSOL Europe’s AGM at the Annual Congress in Istanbul (October 2014), Catherine Ottaway (INSOL Europe’s President at the time) announced the decision to create a new forum focused on insolvency…

Richard Turton Award 2014

We are delighted to announce that the winner of this year’s award is Anant Khandelwal from India.   Anant works for SBI Capital Markets Limited and is part of the debt restructuring and advisory team…

KIEV, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Ukraine said it expected "decisive" negotiations this week after it sent a fresh debt restructuring proposal to a group of its largest creditors, with the threat of a moratorium on debt payments looming. Greece and its lenders discussing a third multi-billion-euro bailout deal have agreed that pension reforms will affect only those who retired after the end of June, labour ministry officials said yesterday. When creditors agreed in July to negotiate a deal aimed at keeping it afloat and in the eurozone, Greece committed to implementing major reforms, such as scrapping early retirement, by the end of October. Lenders want, for example, an increase in the retirement age to 67 from the nominal 62 that falls... America's home-grown "Greece" is trapped in a vicious circle as a shrinking economy and an exodus of workers pushes the debt ratio through the roof Reported by 1 hour ago. Creditors do not grasp the urgency of recapitalising Greek banks The biggest bank bailout in history led to a massive restructuring that, even seven years on, is far from complete It was, as Stephen Hester described it, the biggest financial time bomb in history and it needed to be defused. When Hester took over as chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland in October 2008, and as £45bn of taxpayer money was being pumped in to the business, the once proud Edinburgh-based bank was on the brink of of an implosion that could have brought down the UK economy with it.... ATHENS, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Greece and its lenders have agreed that new pension reforms will not affect those who were eligible to retire by the end of June, labour ministry officials said on Monday. ATHENS, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Greece's bruising fight with its international creditors sent economic sentiment to its lowest level in nearly three years in July and knocked manufacturing activity down to record lows. The European Humanities University (EHU) Masters programs show a dramatic increase (up by 33%) in applications for fall of 2015. The acceptances to the International Law and European Union Law, the Public Policy, and the Historic and Cultural Heritage study programs have doubled, reports BC EHU press service. Foreign exchange reserves at the National Bank of Romania (BNR) fell nearly EUR 1 billion in July, from EUR 30.11 billion in June to EUR 29.15 billion, following payment of Public Finances Ministry issued bonds, read a BNR statement. In July there were entries totalling EUR 763 million, representing mainly change in the foreign exchange reserve requirements of credit institutions, and the supply of the Ministry of Finance and the European Commission’s accounts. Outflows amounted to EUR 1.72 billion,... The first clients of insolvent tour operator Intertour will return by bus to Poland on Monday.
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