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    Executive, Council & Secretariat

    The Executive

    Alastair Beveridge (UK)
    Deputy President
    Piya Mukherjee (Denmark)
    Vice President 
    Marcel Groenewegen (Neths)
    Chris Laughton (UK)
    Director of Administration
    Caroline Taylor (UK)
    Immediate Past President 
    Radu Lotrean (Romania)

    The Council

    Reserved Seats (Countries with 30 members or over) 
    AUSTRIA - Susanne Fruhstorfer,
    FRANCE - Jean Baron,
    GERMANY - Frank Tschentscher,
    IRELAND - Barry Cahir,
    ITALY - Giorgio Corno,
    NETHERLANDS - To be decided
    ROMANIA - Simona Milos,
    SPAIN - Adrian Thery,
    SWEDEN - Hans Renman,
    SWITZERLAND - Thomas Bauer,
    UNITED KINGDOM - Frances Coulson,

    Non-Reserved Seats (Max. 4 members in total)

    ITALY - Rita Gismondi,
    NETHERLANDS - Alice van der Schee,
    UNITED KINGDOM - David Rubin,
    POLAND - Laurent le Pajolec,

    Co-opted Directors (Max. 8 members in total)

    NETHERLANDS - Michael Veder,
    FRANCE - Catherine Ottaway,
    NETHERLANDS - Robert van Galen,
    UNITED KINGDOM - Wolf Waschkuhn,
    SPAIN - Alberto Nunez-Lagos,
    NETHERLANDS - Evert Verwey,
    GERMANY - Steffen Koch,
    FRANCE - Georges-Louis Harang,


    Communications Manager
    Paul Newson
    Sponsorship & Membership Manager
    Hannah Denney
    Event Manager
    Harriet Taylor
    Secretary of Eastern European Countries' Committee
    Niculina Somlea
    Co-Technical Officers
    Emmanuelle Inacio & Myriam Mailly
    Technical Research Co-ordinator
    Paul Omar
    Latest News

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    Call for Expressions of Interest: Copenhagen Congress 2019

    The Technical Committee for the INSOL Europe 2019 Congress which will be held in Copenhagen from 26-29 September 2019 invites all INSOL Europe members to express their interest to participate as speakers…

    EECC Riga: Young Members Group Update

    Following INSOL Europe’s EECC conference in Riga, Latvia, the co-chairs of the Young Members Group wanted to give all of you a short update on activities and news around this event. The conference started…

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