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    Executive, Council & Secretariat

    The Executive

    Radu Lotrean (Romania)
    Deputy President
    Alastair Beveridge (UK)
    Vice President
    Piya Mukherjee (Denmark)
    Chris Laughton (UK)
    Director of Administration
    Caroline Taylor (UK)
    Immediate Past President
    Steffen Koch (Germany)
    Alberto Nunez-Lagos

    The Council

    Thomas Bauer

    Barry Cahir

    Giorgio Cornu

    Frances Coulson

    Vicente Estrada

    Susanne Fruhstorfer

    Ernst Giese

    Rita Gismondi

    Marcel Groenewegen

    Pawel Kuglarz

    Simona Milos

    Alberto Nunez-Lagos
    Catherine Ottaway

    Hans Renman

    David Rubin

    Sabina Schellenberg

    Marc Senechal

    Frank Tschentscher

    Alice van der Schee

    Robert van Galen

    Michael Veder

    Evert Verwey

    Wolf Waschkuhn


    Caroline Taylor
    Communications Manager
    Paul Newson
    Membership & Conference Registrations

    Wendy Cooper
    Secretary of Eastern European Countries' Committee
    Niculina Somlea
    Co-Technical Officers
    Emmanuelle Inacio & Myriam Mailly
    Sponsorship Co-ordinator
    Hannah Denney
    Technical Research Co-ordinator
    Paul Omar
    Latest News

    Belgium: Insolvency proceedings opened for Flamant Group in view of continuation of its activities

    By a judgement of 4 April 2018, the Dutch speaking commercial court of Brussels opened insolvency proceedings for three main companies of the Belgian well known Flamant Group : Flamant SA, Flamant Group…

    David Buchler on the collapse of Carillion

    When Tarmac’s construction arm was spun out in 1999 and rebranded as Carillion, the new name was said to be a corruption of ‘carillon’, a peal of bells sounding a clear, new identity to the industry.…

    UNCITRAL Update

    INSOL Europe attended the 52nd session of Working Group V (Insolvency law) held in Vienna from 18 to 22 December 2018 in its capacity as an invited international non-governmental organisation ("NGO")…

    EECC Conference Riga 2018 - Registration now open!

    We are pleased to announce that the Eastern European Countries' Committee Conference will be held in Riga (Latvia) on 31 May and 1 June 2018. Riga is the largest city in Latvia and also its capital city,…

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