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    INSOL International Academic Group:
    The next meeting of the group is scheduled to occur in London on 12-13 July 2018.
    Further information will be available from the Chair, Professor Rosalind Mason, in due course. Professor Mason can be reached by e-mail at: <>.
    INSOL International Insolvency Review:
    The premier journal in international insolvency law can be accessed at:
    <> (subscription required).
    The International Insolvency Review also has a presence on Twitter at:

    Latest News

    EECC Conference Riga 2018 - Registration now open!

    We are pleased to announce that the Eastern European Countries' Committee Conference will be held in Riga (Latvia) on 31 May and 1 June 2018. Riga is the largest city in Latvia and also its capital city,…

    Annual Congress 2018, Athens - Information now available!

    We are pleased to announce that our 2018 Annual Congress will take place in Athens, Greece, from 4-7 October 2017. Our Annual Academic Forum Conference will also take place alongside the event from 3-4…

    295 delegates attend EECC Budapest!

    295 delegates attended our EECC Conference in Budapest last week - a record number for these events!

    Annual Congress 2017, Warsaw: Over 400 Delegates!

    In October 2017, the INSOL Europe Annual Congress was attended by over 400 delegates in Warsaw, Poland, a thriving and fast-developing metropolis of 1.7 million inhabitants which boasts a wealth of history…

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