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    INSOL International Academic Group:
    The next meeting of the group is scheduled to occur in London on 12-13 July 2018.
    Further information will be available from the Chair, Professor Rosalind Mason, in due course. Professor Mason can be reached by e-mail at: <>.
    INSOL International Insolvency Review:
    The premier journal in international insolvency law can be accessed at:
    <> (subscription required).
    The International Insolvency Review also has a presence on Twitter at:

    Latest News

    295 delegates attend EECC Budapest!

    295 delegates attended our EECC Conference in Budapest last week - a record number for these events! Report and photos coming soon!

    Annual Congress 2017, Warsaw: Over 400 Delegates!

    Full report coming soon.

    61 delegates attend INSOL Europe's first training course in Romania

    The first Module of the INSOL Europe High Level Course on Insolvency Law in Eastern European Jurisdictions took place from 2 to 4 February 2017 in Bucharest. Emmanuelle Inacio reports.

    EYES on Insolvency Conference Report

    Myriam Mailly, Technical Officer of INSOL Europe reports on the recent one-day international conference in Amsterdam attended by over 250 delegates.

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