Anti-Fraud Forum Publications

These articles and discussion papers have been written by Anti-Fraud Forum members, with the aim of sharing experiences and expertise within the Forum. Contributions from members on the theme of fraud, asset tracing, asset recovery or any other suitably related subject should be communicated to the Co-Chairs of the Anti-Fraud Forum, Carmel King or Bart Heynickx.

Cryptocurrency fraud: The English Court considers (Eurofenix #85, Autumn 2021, Carmel King)

Fraud, Furlough and Facemasks (Eurofenix edition 82, Winter 2020/21, Carmel King)

An international multidisciplinary approach to combatting fraud in insolvency (Eurofenix edition 77, Autumn 2019, Carmel King & Willem van Nielen)

Demystifying offshore (pt1): Recognition and assistance in overseas territories (Euofenix edition 76, Nicholas Fox et al)

Fraudsters: How to detect and deal with them? (Eurofenix edition 65, by Eitan Erez)

Mini-Bonds: Risk and Reward? (Eurofenix edition 65, by Carmel King)

Country Report - Enforcing foreign EU judgments in insolvency procedures in Spain - Alberto Palomero Benazerraf and Ruben Garcia-Quismondo​

Digital forensics in a liquidator's investigation - Eurofenix Spring 2015 - David Ingram and Carmel King

IT & Fraud: The Golden Hour – Eurofenix Summer 2014 – David Ingram and Carmel King

Willem van Nielen - The Dutch approach to Bankruptcy Fraud

Q&A: Thoughts on Fraud - Eurofenix Winter 2013/14 - David Ingram

Asset Recovery - Eurofenix Autumn 2013 - Carmel O'Reilly

A Tsunami of Fraud - Eurofenix Spring 2013 - David Ingram

Risk versus reward: knowing when to pursue - Eurofenix Spring 2013 - Jonathan Brown

Insolvency procedures in Israel - Eurofenix Winter 2012 - Eitan Erez
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