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    The INSOL Europe High-Level Course on Insolvency is an ambitious training project that for its second edition, will be held in Cyprus, both for the importance of the jurisdiction's legal tradition and for its recent reforms in the insolvency area.

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    The INSOL Europe High-Level Course on Insolvency will be separated into 3 different modules which will be held on the following dates at Hilton Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus (98 Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, Nicosia, 1077, Cyprus):
    • Module I. on Thursday 6 & Friday 7 September 2018
    • Module II. on Thursday 25 & Friday 26 October 2018
    • Module III. on Friday 22 March 2019
    The course will be opened to approx. 80 professionals involved in the insolvency practice of the jurisdiction, with special focus on high level lawyers and IPs, judges and state officials of the relevant insolvency agency.

    The General Director of the Programme of the High-Level Course, Prof. Ignacio Tirado (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) formed the following Committee of International Experts who already confirmed their participation::
    1. Prof. Irit Mevorach (University of Nottingham, UK) - Read CV
    2. Dr Paul Omar (Technical Research Coordinator of INSOL Europe, De Montfort University Leicester, UK) - Read CV
    3. Prof. Michael Veder (Radboud University Nijmegen, Resor, The Netherlands) - Read CV

    The Committee of International Experts will be in charge of the Module I titled “International best practice and comparative examples” which will provide attendants with a general overview of international standards and best comparative examples concerning the main elements of business restructuring and insolvency. The first day will cover the analysis from a theoretical perspective, although always including the provision of comparative examples of the systems existing in different jurisdictions as well as practical examples of cases and judicial decisions. The second day of this module will include two case study sessions.

    The Local Director of the High-Level Course, Chris Iacovides (CRI Group Ltd, Cyprus) formed the following Committee of Local Experts who already confirmed their participation:

    1. Andri Antoniou LLB LPC (CRI Group Ltd, Cyprus)
    2. Panayiota Georgiou (KPMG, Cyprus)
    3. Andrea Jakes (Bank of Cyprus Public Company Ltd, Cyprus)
    4. George Karrotsakis (Insolvency Service, Cyprus)
    5. Andrie Kypridemou (Insolvency Service, Cyprus)
    6. Maria Kyriacou (Elias Neocleous, Cyprus)
    7. Michael Loizides (KPMG, Cyprus)

    The Committee of Local Experts will be in charge of the Module II titled “An analysis of the main elements of the local system” which will be devoted to the analysis of a selected number of especially relevant topics of the local insolvency system. The specific topics are to be determined based on the special circumstances of the jurisdiction where the training takes place, to ensure a bespoke product is offered to attendants. The classes will take the form of a dialogue between a local and an international expert (from the Committee of International Experts), similar to the dynamics speaker-discussant now already widespread in academic workshops. The local experts will take the lead and the international expert will make comments/provide international examples by way of comparison. The idea of this “dialogue” approach is to engage attendants and to ensure proper theoretical and practical elements are conveyed at a high level.

    Module III titled “On line follow-up and paper submission” is the final part of the course. Participants will be provided with questionnaires, decisions and cases to solve during a period of 3 months. Correction will be made available to participants during the said period. Each participant will then choose a topic of analysis, to be selected among a list of options provided by the Course organisers. They will have to write an essay of about 10.000 words on the topic. A committee appointed ad hoc will review the papers and choose the best for each topic. The committee will be composed of members of the Committee of Local Experts and of the Committee of International Experts. Those selected will present the paper at the final workshop of the course, to be delivered in a one-day workshop. A national expert will act as discussant of the paper and an international expert will chair the panels”.
    The main language will be English.

    A provisional programme can be downloaded here.

    Register on-line here.

    For further information, contact the Course Director Emmanuelle Inacio, email:

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