2019 events

Stockholm One Day Seminar

Stockholm One Day Seminar

Stockholm, Sweden
Following on from our successful 2018 seminar in Helsinki, INSOL International is delighted to announce our first seminar to take place in the beautiful city of Stockholm. This seminar is organised in association with INSOL Europe and with the support of restructuring professionals from across the Nordic region.

As the largest city and Capital of Sweden, Stockholm is comprised of 14 islands and more than 50 bridges across the Baltic Sea archipelago. Enjoy the cobblestone streets of the old Town, waterways and parks of the city area, or its wide range of shopping centres, museums and restaurants; Stockholm has something to offer whatever your tastes.

The programme includes sessions on:
  • the implementation of the EU Directive and the practical challenges faced in Nordic countries;
  • restructuring in the region, focusing on the ongoing Componenta Group restructuring in Finland and Sweden;
  • the impact of Brexit; and
  • board directors’ liabilities. 
The seminar will culminate with cocktails and dinner at Villa Källhagen, with stunning views of the Djurgårdsbrunn canal and the Nordic Museum.

For more details or to register your place, visit INSOL International's website: https://www.insol.org/events/detail/118
EECC Conference 2019 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

EECC Conference 2019 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

06-06-2019 to 07-06-2019
Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are delighted to invite you to Ljubljana, Slovenia, a land of legends and myths, to the EECC Conference on ‘Navigating the journey of distressed companies’.

Slovenia had a high number of insolvent companies as a result of the 2008 global financial crisis, features of restructuring procedures not suited and no preventive procedures available. In the last couple of years, Slovenia introduced preventive restructuring procedures for medium and large-size companies, simplified reorganization procedures for micro and small-size companies and improved access to reorganization proceedings for creditors. These reforms increased the number of successful reorganization cases and ranked Slovenia as number 9 at Resolving Insolvency (World Bank Doing Business Report 2019), with an 88.7 cents on the dollar recovery rate, 0.8 years and 4% of the estate cost. Slovenia is the perfect place for our 15th EECC Conference!

2019 EECC Ljubljana Conference Final Technical Programme

2019 EECC Ljubljana Conference Presentation Slides

Session 4. Pre-packaged insolvency tools: Where are we now?
Links to the video:
https://youtu.be/B7WM4GHvDh4 (conference version)
https://f.io/aOJdQuHD (long version)

Session 5. Increasing efficiency in insolvency proceedings: The appointment of IPs
Increasing efficiency-Overview-selected jurisdictions-IT selects IP
Increasing efficiency-Appointment IP Austria
Increasing efficiciency-Appointment IP Estonia

2019 EECC Ljubljana Conference Registration Brochure

2019 EECC Ljubljana Conference Delegate Joining Instructions in English or Slovenian

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AIJA-INSOL Europe Joint Conference, Mallorca 2019

AIJA-INSOL Europe Joint Conference, Mallorca 2019

13-06-2019 to 15-06-2019
Mallorca, Spain

Young Members Group – INSOL EUROPE
Insolvency Joint Conference - 13-15 June 2019 Mallorca
Make twilight a new dawn: defensive and offensive strategies in insolvency matters.

Make twilight a new dawn:
Defensive and offensive strategies in insolvency matters

It is a given that in insolvency matters, the receiver is caught in the crossfire of opposing interests and offensive/defensive strategies. Entering an arrangement with creditors is an “offensive strategy” adopted by the company to tackle a crisis, especially for the purpose of a debt haircut. The flip side is the receiver can use the “offensive strategy“ to assert the shareholders’ liability, but the shareholders can also defend themselves by taking a variety of actions against the receiver.

In light of these opposing interests, the seminar will seek to challenge and analyse the multilateral views and conflicts between all participants involved in insolvency proceedings. The programme will also explore their options to attack or defend themselves.

Thursday 13 June 2019

17:00 » 19:00 Registration at the Blau Privilege PortoPetro Beach Resort & Spa
Address: Carrer d'es Far, 12, 07691 Portopetro, Illes Balears, Spain
19:00 » 21:00 Welcome Cocktail at the Blau Privilege PortoPetro Beach Resort & Spa
Address: Carrer d'es Far, 12, 07691 Portopetro, Illes Balears, Spain
21:00 Optional dinner
Not included in the registration fee, payable locally

Friday 14 June 2019

08:00 » 09:00 Registration at the Blau Privilege PortoPetro Beach Resort & Spa
Address: Carrer d'es Far, 12, 07691 Portopetro, Illes Balears, Spain
09:00 » 09:30

Introduction to the Seminar by AIJA/Insol Europe representatives

Xavi Costa Arnau, AIJA President
Piya Mukherjee, Deputy President – INSOL EUROPE


Introduction to the Seminar by AIJA Insolvency Commission/YMG – INSOL EUROPE

Héctor Sbert, President of the AIJA Insolvency commission 
Georges-Louis Harang, Co-Chair of the Young Member Group – INSOL EUROPE

09:30 » 10:30

Panel 1 - Stakeholder liability on insolvency (Comparative directors’ and receivers’/supervisors’ liabilities in insolvency)

Marine Simonnot, Uggc Avocats (France)
Armando Perna, Pozzi & Partners (Italy)

Jeffrey Bast, BastAmron (USA)
Anna-Kaisa Remes, Castern & Snellman Attorneys Ltd (Finland)
Georg Wabl, Binder Grösswang Rechtsanwälte GmbH  (Austria)

Evert Verwey, Clifford Chance LLP (Amsterdam) 

10:03 » 11:15

Panel 2 - On the attack: Shareholder redress on insolvency 

Marine Simonnot, Uggc Avocats (France)
Armando Perna, Pozzi & Partners (Italy)

Stéphanie Oneyser, Walder Wyss Ltd. (Switzerland) 
Tim Wright, Carey Olsen (BVI)
Daniel J Albert, Daniel & Wong (Malaysia)

11:15 » 11:45 Coffee Break
11:45 » 12:45

Panel 3 - How to unpack the corporate parcel -  Pros and cons of different insolvency structures for groups of companies

Marine Simonnot, Uggc Avocats (France)
Armando Perna, Pozzi & Partners (Italy)


Florian Schiller, PLUTA (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Olivier Hari, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd & University of Neuchatel (Switzerland)
Eduardo Peixoto Gomes, Abreu Avocados (Portugal)
Daniel Radwański, Schoenherr (Poland)

12:45 » 13:00 Closing Remarks
13:00 » 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 » 14:45

Panel 4 - Liquidation of assets: international perspectives (International perspectives for the liquidation of assets in insolvency proceedings)

Elaina Bailes, Stewarts Law LLP (United Kingdom)
Georges-Louis Harang, Hoche Avocats (France)

Max Mailliet, E2M – Etude Max Mailliet (Luxembourg)
Karol Czepukojć, Wardynski & Partners (Poland) 
Stefan Ramel, Guildhall Chambers (UK)

14:45 » 15:30

Panel 5 - Receiving support: Banking instruments to support the activities of the receivers 

Elaina Bailes, Stewarts Law LLP (United Kingdom)
Georges-Louis Harang, Hoche Avocats (France)


Niculina Somlea, CITR (Romania)
Jose Carles & Carlos Cuestas, Carles Cuesta Abogados (Spain)
Antonia Mottironi,  Monfrini Bitton Klein (Switzerland) 


15:30 » 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 » 16:30 Debate 1 - Should companies be allowed to sail abroad to avoid national insolvency regulation? 

Hector Sbert, Lawants (Spain)
Georges-Louis Harang, Hoche Avocats (France)

Carmel King, Grant Thornton (UK)
Dominik Hohler, Walder Wyss (Switzerland)
16:30 » 16:45 Debate 1 voting results 

Hector Sbert, Lawants (Spain)
Georges-Louis Harang, Hoche Avocats (France)
16:45 » 17:00 Closing Remarks
21:00 Dinner at Mhares Sea Club
Address: Carrer Milana, s/n, 07609 Llucmajor, Balearic Islands, Spain

Saturday 15 June 2019

09:45 » 10:45 Panel 6 - Credit where credit is due: Protective strategies for creditors on debtors’ insolvency 

Anne Bach, GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB (Germany)
Philippe Sylvestre, E2M – Etude Max Mailliet (Luxembourg)

Giuseppe Salsarulo, Donativi e Associati (Italy)
Nicolas Bernardy, Brucher Thieltgen & Partners (Luxembourg)
Bart Heynickx, Altius (Belgium)
11:15 » 11:45 Debate 2 - Tools of trading:  Should companies be allowed to use restructuring/insolvency proceedings as a tool to preserve their business? 

Anne Bach, GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB (Germany)
Philippe Sylvestre, E2M – Etude Max Mailliet (Luxembourg)

Ruairi Rynn, William Fry (Ireland)
Geraldine Astrup, Astrup Avocats (France)
11:45 » 12:00 Debate 2 voting results 

Anne Bach, GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB (Germany)
Philippe Sylvestre, e2m (Luxembourg)
12:00 » 12:30 Debate 3 - Giving up the day job: Is maintaining employment an achievable objective within the context of insolvency proceedings?

Anne Bach, GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB (Germany)
Philippe Sylvestre, e2m (Luxembourg)
Clarissa Nitsch, Binder Grösswang Rechtsanwälte GmbH (Austria) 
Louis Verstraten, Astrea (Belgium)
12:30 » 12:45 Debate 3 voting results 

Anne Bach, GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB (Germany)
Philippe Sylvestre, E2M – Etude Max Mailliet (Luxembourg)
13:00 » 14:00 Farewell Lunch 
14:00 » 17:45

Optional Tour & Tapas Dinner at the Winery José Luis Ferrer

DAV 8th European Insolvency & Restructuring Congress

DAV 8th European Insolvency & Restructuring Congress

27-06-2019 to 28-06-2019
Brussels, Belgium

Register today!

Now in its 8thyear, the EIRC has established itself as the preeminent conference of its kind. As in the past, we are able to field an international line up of leading insolvency and restructuring experts who will discuss the hot topics of cross-border insolvency and turnaround. Vera Jourinová, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, will also address attendees.

This year, the focus will be on the United Kingdom and Brexit, not least in anticipation of the inevitable changes Brexit will bring to our industry. In light of the changes, the debate will again touch on the most effective restructuring forum and tools for future cases as well as on the future of the Common Market as such. 

Another main feature of this year’s congress will be the draft EU directive on pre-insolvency restructuring. Since Member States will soon have to translate the directive into national legislation, it is worth looking across national borders and learning from the implementation discussions abroad. 

The congress will round up with sessions on recent ECJ and other landmark judgements that every professional doing cross-border work needs to know and two workshops on the European Insolvency Regulation (recast) and, separately the anticipated reforms of the English insolvency regime.

Last but by no means least, attendees may enjoy a dinner and drinks on Thursday evening and an opportunity to continue the day’s discussions with panellists in a relaxed environment. 

To register or download a full programme, please visit the DAV website here.

R3 & INSOL Europe's International Restructuring Conference

R3 & INSOL Europe's International Restructuring Conference

London WC1H 0HX

This conference is an analysis of the “cutting edge” of the international restructuring sphere. The incredibly fast-paced and dynamic qualities of the sector mean we must adapt and change with it. Again and again this conference has proved that it is ahead of the curve, anticipating the upcoming trends in the market and providing detailed insight into them. This year will be no different. If you want to stay ahead of the game, attendance is a must.
Attendees will enjoy ample networking opportunities during the breakfast, lunch, refreshments breaks and networking drinks reception at the end of the day. Delegates will also receive a copy of speaker presentations in the delegate pack.
This is a technical conference aimed at all insolvency and restructuring professionals who have an interest in cross-border matters, including insolvency practitioners, lawyers, financial advisers, lenders, distressed asset investors, judges and academics. This conference is relevant for professionals working in jurisdictions across Europe and beyond. An international line up of speakers to be announced!

The programme will include:
  • Detailed cross-border case studies of two of the most important cross-border cases of recent years, Agrokor and Steinhoff, from some of the key players in both
  • A panel session on the NPL landscape, the new tools to weather it and the new players entering the market
  • A panel session on the different approaches being taken in the UK and Europe in regard to pre-insolvency procedures and the potential for this to be a new battle ground​
View the whole programme or book online here.