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    IOH Forum Introduction and Members

    Catherine Ottaway, Past-President of INSOL Europe announced, during the AGM 2014 in Istanbul, the decision of INSOL Europe to create new forum focused on insolvency office holders; the “Insolvency Office Holders-Forum”.

    The Council of INSOL Europe has seen a growing interest from the association's members to reflect and react on current issues and challenges facing the profession of Insolvency Office Holders (“IOH”) throughout Europe.

    Four practising officeholders have agreed to co-chair the forum in the first instance and support and steer the forum though its initial stages;

    The co-chairs, together with the executive of INSOL Europe, will now evaluate how best to meet interests, needs and expectations in an appropriate way and come up with suggestions. Be sure to read more about this initiative soon!

    Supported by CNAJMJ
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