Membership Development Committee

“Vision without action is a dream; action without vision it’s simply a waste of the time;
action with vision is making a positive difference” [N. Mandela].
At INSOL Europe, we are a community. We need a deeper fellowship with other insolvency professionals, we need to connect more and to facilitate discussions; to share challenges, solutions, best practices, ideas even more and to develop this thriving, robust, compelling culture. With this in mind, we have created the Membership Development Committee (MDC). This Committee will facilitate networking between the INSOL Europe members, stimulate the local visibility of INSOL Europe in each country and will raise awareness of INSOL Europe and its capability to help the national legislator and the stakeholders, by sharing know-how and best practices; thinking on a European level and acting locally.  
The MDC consists of three Development Leaders and Country Coordinators. The Development Leaders will be assisted in each country by one or two Country Coordinators. The Country Coordinators will liaise with their country’s local association(s), fostering the relationship between such associations and INSOL Europe and raising and maintaining INSOL Europe’s profile and thereby extend an invitation for new members. 

For more details, read our Mission StatementDownload our Membership brochure here.

For a list of Country Coordinators and their roles, please visit the Country Coordinators page.

The Membership Development Leaders
Alice van der Schee Radu Lucian Lotrean Damien Murren
Van Benthem & Keulen,
The Netherlands
Impetum Group,
WG - Development Committee
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