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Academic Conference Sorrento 2020: Call for Papers

The Academic Forum of INSOL Europe will be hosting its 16th annual conference in Sorrento, Italy, on Wednesday 30 September–Thursday 1 October 2020, immediately prior to INSOL Europe's main annual conference…

UNCITRAL: The Plight of Small Entrepreneurs: MSEs and Insolvency on the Agenda

The 54th session of Working Group V began in Vienna with the nomination of a new Chair, Harold Foo from Singapore. The objective of the session was to consider the problem of insolvency in relation to…

INSOL Europe reaches out in Portugal

Portugal is one of the European countries with the lowest level of representation in INSOL Europe with currently only 24 members. Accordingly, with the main objective of boosting INSOL Europe’s activity…

EECC Conference Kyiv 2020 - Registration Now Open!

Find out more or register here.


​Wonderful Copenhagen: Insolvency at the Cutting Edge
The annual conference of the Academic Forum in its 15th anniversary year took place on 25-26 September in Denmark where the charms of Copenhagen were only mildly attenuated by the autumn chills and grey skies over the city. The number of participants present topped 70, representing nearly 20 jurisdictions from all over Europe and across the World.  

Professor Michael Veder (Chair, Academic Forum; Radboud Nijmegen) opened proceedings by noting the anniversary, not just of the Academic Forum, but also of the Younger Academics’ Network in Insolvency (“YANIL”), who celebrated their 10th anniversary with the holding of a successful colloquium prior to this conference.

Proceedings across the two days of the conference included a suite of presentations on the Preventive Restructuring Directive (“PRD”), director’s liability and the role of the debtor-in-possession, measures affecting and protecting creditors, the role of mediation within the international insolvency law framework and the place of other actors in insolvency. In addition, there were presentations from members of the YANIL group, also on preventive restructuring, and a discussion on the scope of the stay in the PRD and its effect on debtors and their contracting partners within the Edwin Coe Practitioners’ Forum, held as part of the event. Also an integral part of the proceedings was the annual lecture sponsored by Edwin Coe, renamed this year the Gabriel Moss Memorial Lecture, given by Professor Ignacio Tirado (General Secretary of UNIDROIT), who talked of the protection of creditors’ rights within the framework of the PRD.
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