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Annual Congress 2022 - Dublin - Registration now open!

Registration is now open for our Annual Congress in Dublin, 3-6 March 2022. Find out more and register your place here.

Young Members Group Autumn Speed Networking Event

Thank you for tuning into our “Autumn Speed Networking” session on Thursday, 2 September. We hope you made some new connections with like-minded professionals or managed to catch up with old friends.…

European Commission’s Experts’ Group Update

In Quest of a Harmonisation: Tilting at Windmills? Report by Myriam Mailly (Technical Officer) and Paul Omar (Technical Research Coordinator) After finishing work on the Preventive Restructuring Directive…

Virtual Law Workshop gathers PhD Researchers from Europe and beyond in Leiden

  From 4 to 5 March 2021, the Stichting (Foundation) Bob Wessels Insolvency Law Collection (BWILC) organised the third edition of the PhD Workshop on European and International Insolvency Law. The…


CERIL Report and Statement Published

Initiated and chaired by Prof. Stephan Madaus (Martin Luther University, Germany) and Prof. em. Bob Wessels (Leiden University, the Netherlands), a CERIL Working Party conducted a survey on issues of international jurisdiction for individual legal cross-border actions that ‘derive directly from public collective insolvency proceedings and are closely linked with them’. To resolve uncertainty on these actions, conveniently called ‘annex actions’, CERIL proposes a concise reference work to classify and distinguish between annex actions and non-annex actions.
In summary, the study found three types of annex action:
    (a) clear annex actions,
    (b) clear non-annex actions and
    (c) actions with relevant uncertainty about their classification.
The Report sets out in detail the categorisation in (a) and (b). Furthermore, the Report gives ample thought to the last category, under (c). This includes (i) actions brought by the insolvency practitioner in relation to the assumption or the termination of executory contracts, (ii) actions brought by an unsecured creditor against the debtor, also referred to as ‘action seeking a declaratory relief’, (iii) actions brought by secured creditors, (iv) actions concerning the return of property held by the debtor, and (v) action brought by the reinstated debtor after the termination of insolvency proceedings.
As a consequence, to overcome the existing level of uncertainty with time-consuming and costly disputes in civil proceedings, especially their characterisation as ‘annex action’, CERIL encourages litigators and courts to use the concise reference work as set out in its Report.
The CERIL Statement and Report 2020-1 can be downloaded here.
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