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    INSOL Europe Strategic Task Force 2025 Member Questionnaire

    Last year, the Council of INSOL Europe decided to initiate the formulation of our organisation's strategy for the years to come. To this effect, the Strategic Task Force 2025 was established, which comprises eight members of INSOL Europe, mirroring its large professional and geographic diversity and is led by Messrs Dr. Steffen Koch and Wolf Waschkuhn.
    As for any strategy, the starting point is of key importance. The Strategic Task Force formulated a questionnaire trying to elicit the many aspects of the current membership, your motivation and aspirations and how INSOL Europe should be seen in and seen to interact with the outside world.

    This questionnaire is alive now and accessible here.

    The questionnaire takes 10-15 minutes to complete online. The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 8 September 2017.
    Please share with us YOUR thoughts and observations as well as YOUR views of how INSOL Europe should develop in the future. They are important to us.
    Your effort in completing the questionnaire should not go unrewarded either: The 1st, 10th, 50th, 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th and 500th person to complete the questionnaire will receive a bottle of Champagne AND take part in a draw. The prize of the draw will be complimentary access to the next INSOL Europe Congress in Warsaw.
    It is our objective to provide initial feedback on the responses to the questionnaire during this year's INSOL Europe Annual Congress in Warsaw.
    We are looking forward to a lively participation!

    Dr. Steffen Koch, President INSOL Europe, Co-chair Strategic Task Force 2025                                                     
    Wolf Waschkuhn, Co-chair Strategic Task Force 2025