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    Shakespeare Martineau Lectures

    Thanks to the support of INSOL Europe Academic Forum’s sponsor Shakespeare Martineau the Board of the Academic Forum proudly presents the Shakespeare Martineau Lecture presented at the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference in Berlin on the 1st of October 2015 by Professor Axel Flessner of Humboldt University. During his lecture Professor Axel Flessner addressed the highly topical theme of the interaction of Insolvency Law with Investment Protection Treaties. The Board of the Academic Forum invites both academics and practitioners to read this lecture and is open to discussion and suggestions on this theme.
    On behalf of the Board,
    Professor Christoph Paulus and Anthon Verweij

    Download 2015 Shakespeare Martineau Lecture

    NB: The revised and updated paper of Professor Axel Flessner will be published soon in the Technical Series Publications of INSOL Europe (Conference Proceedings Booklet), edited by Professor Paul Omar, arising from the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Annual Insolvency Conference which was held in Berlin on 30 September and 1st October 2015.
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