Turnaround Wing Introduction and members

Our members are turnaround professionals across Europe and beyond and we aim to: 

Provide a forum for turnaround professionals in which they can meet, develop cross-border support and contacts, cooperate and communicate in both formal insolvencies and informal restructurings.

Act as a link between INSOL Europe practitioner members and the European turnaround community, with a view to encouraging more turnaround professionals to share ideas and participate in our activities.

Be the leading forum for disseminating 'best practice', technical updates and shared experiences amongst turnaround professionals on formal insolvencies and informal restructurings.

Promote greater understanding and insight on key issues of relevance to turnaround professionals across Europe, including commercial practice, different approaches and optimized value

Monitor and provide a forum for discussion and know how on "Hot Topics" of relevance to the cross-border turnaround community.

Facilitate meetings and communication with the European Commission, regulators, national organisations on topics of importance to the turnaround community.

Create a real network for the European Turnaround Professionals, when they need each other's help, when they seek to cooperate on a case or when they need an answer to an issue.
Angel Alonso, Spain
Marco Amorese, Italy
Slavomir Cauder, Slovak Republic
Dr. Reinhard Dammann, France
Guillaume De Bode, Spain
Bart De Moor, Belgium
Sajeve Deora, India
Isabelle Didier, France
Christel Dumont, Luxembourg
Béatrice Dunogué-Gaffié, France
José María Dutilh, Spain
Mark Fennessy, United Kingdom
Ramón Fernández Aceytuno, Spain
Daniel Fritz, Germany
Rubén García-Quismondo, Spain
Gottfried Gassner, Austria
Martine Gerber-Lemaire, Luxembourg
Rita Gismondi, Italy
Detlef Hass, Germany
Christof Herbst, Germany
Ruud Hermans, The Netherlands
Emmanuelle Inacio, France
Steffen Koch, Germany
Luigi Lai, Poland
Guy Lofalk, Sweden
Prof. Irene Lynch Fannon, Ireland
Alberto Nunez-Lagos, Portugal
Catherine Ottaway,  France
Francisco Patricio, Portugal
Eduardo Peixoto, Portugal
Hans Renman, Sweden
Javier Rubio Sanz, Spain
Alessandro Scarso, Italy
Christof Schiller, Germany
Adrian Thery, Spain
Michael Thierhoff, Germany
Nicolaes Tollenaar, The Netherlands
Elisa Torralba, Spain
Robert van Galen, The Netherlands
Job van Hoof, The Netherlands
Wolf Waschkuhn, United Kingdom
Mattias Weissinger, Germany
Jörn Weitzmann, Germany
Ivo-Meinert Willrodt, Germany
Pierre-Gilles Wogue, France
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