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    INSOL Europe is the European organisation of professionals who
    specialise in insolvency, business reconstruction and recovery.
    It is an association founded in 1981 and registered in France.

    INSOL Europe has over 1,200 members across Europe and beyond. If you are a lawyer, accountant, insolvency practitioner, academic, lender, regulator, member of the judiciary, credit manager, credit insurer or a student of the insolvency discipline, then you can apply to become a member.



    The goals and strategies of INSOL Europe are:

    to lead the study and evaluation of insolvency, business recovery law and practice in Europe
    to disseminate technical and topical information on insolvency, bankruptcy and business recovery matters
    to publish eurofenix for members
    to maintain the INSOL Europe website for members and others
    to hold international and regional congresses throughout Europe
    to facilitate networking between members and exchange of professional experience
    to discuss and negotiate with relevant officials of European national and international bodies in regard to any matter which may concern members
    to make submissions and contribute to the work of European and other international official bodies who are affected by the insolvency process, or who have a role to play in the saving of businesses and jobs
    to co-operate with INSOL International and its member organisations and other international associations in connection with any insolvency study or project
    to assist in the education and training of members, their staff and others

    Annual Congress 2017: Warsaw

    Reprieve granted for workers at Embraco factory in Italy

    The controversial decision to close down the Embraco factory in Italy, in order to relocate work to Slovakia, has been halted following meetings between the company and union representatives.

    Novo Banco plans to shut branches and implement redundancies

    The Portuguese bank Novo Banco has recently announced plans to reduce its workforce by around 400 employees and close 73 of its branches. The bank was formed from the closure of Banco Espírito Santo and the cordoning off of “toxic” assets in 2014, with Novo Banco positioned as a viable banking institution emerging from that winding-down process.

    Major restructuring at Dunnes Stores

    The Irish Independent has reported that the multinational retailer Dunnes Stores has just completed a significant overhaul of its operations. The process involved merging 40 subsidiary companies into Dunnes Stores as one overarching corporation. Merged companies include Cornelscourt Shopping Centre, Dunnes Stores Financial Services and Dunnes Nominees.

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