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    Introduction to the Financiers Group

    The financing, social, economic and technological landscape in Europe in recent years has presented both opportunities and challenges to lenders and investors. The level of change is unprecedented, and navigating the environment requires a new combination of balanced skills including entrepreneurship, timely response, prudence and compliance.

    The INSOL Europe Lenders Group was founded in 2008 and has changed its name to the INSOL Europe Financiers Group to reflect the changing dynamics in the sector. The Group has diverse aims which are more relevant than ever in an increasingly interconnected world:
    Bringing financiers together:
    Provides a forum and a network for financiers in which they can meet, develop cross-border support and contacts, cooperate and communicate in both formal insolvencies and informal restructurings.
    Access to market leading professionals:
    Acts as a useful link between INSOL Europe practitioner members and the European lender community, including access to legal and financial expertise in country-specific and international matters.
    Communication with regulators:
    Facilitates meetings and communication with the European Commission, regulators, national organisations and central banks on topics of importance to the lender community.
    Considering technical developments… 
    Aims be the leading forum for disseminating ‘best practice’, technical updates and shared experiences amongst financiers on formal cross-border insolvencies and restructurings.
    Promotes greater understanding and insight on key issues of relevance to financiers across Europe, including: commercial practice, forms of security and enforcement methods.
    …distilling commercial implications
    Monitors and provides a forum for discussion and know how on “Hot Topics” of relevance to the crossborder lending community.
    Provides timely, relevant updates on key issues impacting on the restructuring environment. Brings these examples to life with discussions of real life, current examples.

    Membership of our Financial Institutions Group is targeted at financiers and stakeholders operating in the financial sector across Europe and beyond.


    If you are interested in finding out more about us, please contact one of our Joint Chairs:
    Florian Joseph (Germany)
    Francisco Patricio (Spain)
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