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Academic Forum 2021 Winter Lecture

Academic Forum 2021 Winter Lecture


Date for your diary: 1 December 2021
"StaRUG: The New German Restructuring Law"

INSOL Europe's Academic Forum is excited to announce an online lecture by Professor Christoph Thole, on the topic of the new German law on restructuring, in particular the so-called "StaRUG", an act on the implementation of the Directive no. 2019/1023, which adds a completely new pre-insolvency proceeding to the German law.

Christoph Thole is a Professor of Law at the University of Cologne and Managing Director of the Institute for European and International Insolvency Law and the Institute for Procedural and Insolvency Law at the University of Cologne. His research focuses on insolvency and restructuring law as well as (international) civil procedure law, corporate law and tort law. He has written numerous publications on both national and international restructuring law such as a recent article on the new German “Stabilisation and Restructuring Framework for Businesses (to be found under

Other recent works by Professor Thole include a commentary on the European Insolvency Regulation (Münchener Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung, 4th ed. 2020, art. 3-6, 19-33) or an article on the recognition of confidential preventive restructuring frameworks (forthcoming).

We look forward to seeing you online for this very topical lecture!

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INSOL Europe EECC Conference 2021 Online

INSOL Europe EECC Conference 2021 Online

Set your alarm for our next EECC Online Conference:
A Wake-up Call for Sleepy Companies?
16:25 CET, Thursday 25 November 2021 

> Download the latest technical programme here

Many articles and experts forecast a rising tide of insolvencies in Europe given all we have been through in the past year and, it’s more than understandable. We were used to seeing insolvency following somewhat regular patterns, and following 2009, we learned to spot a crisis.

Just imagine having the ability to send a message to yourself from January 2020 – but nothing too specific as to not disturb the axis of time – what would you even say? Buy stock in pharma companies? That would be too obvious and most surely go against time travel regulation.

Where to even begin? More has changed in the last 18 months than in the previous ten years put together. We have a pandemic, with its ever-changing variant, fleeting state aid, whole industries on the brink of collapsing while others flourish unexpectedly and a restructuring Directive being dragged through parliaments for transposition.

Once, we had the luxury of certainty. Given the same data set, we persisted in the belief that everyone would draw the same conclusion and, moreover, that we could see the future, as though reason operated according to an obligatory physics, like the optics of an eye. At the beginning of that year, we were once certain that we could see, in broad strokes, how it was going to play out. Now, uncertainty is all we have, and it freed us; it made room for possibilities and new strategies – for growth, pushing us forward. Now, all we have are plans a, b, c, and so on.

This is the painful beginning of the new restructuring. We invite you to discuss together scenarios and plans on Thursday, 25 November from 16:25 CET for a two-hour EECC session - A wake-up call for sleepy companies? Will there be a growing army of zombie companies? Are we ready? Are the tides changing? What about Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria? Have airlines reached a survival at any cost point? 

So join us online from the comfort of your home/office in this journey to embrace uncertainty in these new exciting times!

Further information
Please contact the EECC Co-Chairs Evert Verwey or Niculina Somlea.
INSOL Europe Autumn Online Conference

INSOL Europe Autumn Online Conference

We are excited to announce the keynote speakers and panellists for our 2021 Autumn Online Conference on Thursdays 7 & 21 October titled “Back to the Future”, facilitated by Carmel King (Grant Thornton, UK / Co-Chair of the INSOL Europe Anti-Fraud Forum), which is now 1 month away.

Conference Co-Chairs Barry Cahir (Beauchamps, Ireland) and Giorgio Corno (Studio Corno Avvocati, Italy) have prepared a fascinating programme which is not to be missed!

Download the full programme here.

ead a report of the first session here by Paul Omar & Myriam Mailly
Read a report of the second session here by Paul Omar & Myriam Mailly

Download the PowerPoint presentations here:
2021 BTTF Session 1 - Real Estate Greece
2021 BTTF Session 1 - Real Estate Spain
2021 BTTF Session 1 - Real Estate UK
2021 BTTF Session 2 - Valuation Intro
2021 BTTF Session 2 - Valuation Panel Discussion
2021 BTTF Session 2 - Young Members Group


First Session: Thursday 7 October 2021

Announcing our first keynote speaker: Miha ŽebreMiha is the Legal and Policy Officer in DG Justice and Consumers at the European Commission. He holds a Master of Laws from the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and has worked at the European Commission for eight years.

Regulations, recognition and relief in the UK – a primer for non-UK insolvency professionals: The experts Chris Laughton (Mercer & Hole, UK) and Dan Lewis (Wilberforce Chambers, UK) will provide the audience with an overview of the rules and procedure and practical guidance relating to the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in England and Wales.
Real estate industry: New measures passed by the states: The brilliant fellows Giorgio Corno (Studio Corno Avvocati, Italy), Frances Coulson (Wedlake Bell, UK), Stathis Potamitis (Potamitisvekris, Greece) and
 José Carles (Carles Cuesta, Spain / Co-Chair of the Insolvency Tech & Digital Assets Wing) will analyse how the coronavirus is impacting the real estate industry in UK, Greece and Spain.

Second Session: Thursday 21 October 2021

Announcing our second keynote speaker: Austin HughesAustin is Chief Economist and has worked as an Economist for KBC for more than 25 years, having previously worked in the Department of Finance, Central Bank and Bord Fáilte. His main focus is on issues affecting the Irish and European economies.

Valuation Considerations in the Post Pandemic Economy: The fantastic Jason Schiess (NetBid, Germany) will share with the audience his business valuation insight in the post pandemic economy.

INSOL Europe Young Members Group panel: Future of restructuring and insolvency professions: The INSOL Europe talented Young Members Robert Peldan (Borenius, Finland / Co-Chair of the INSOL Europe Young Members Group), Georges-Louis Harang (Hoche Avocats, France / Co-Chair of the INSOL Europe EECC), Stéphanie Oneyser (Walder Wyss, Switzerland) and Incoronata Cruciano (Schiebe und Collegen, Germany) will explore the future of restructuring and insolvency professions.

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Young Members Group: Autumn Online Networking Event

Young Members Group: Autumn Online Networking Event


Online Speed Networking Event - New and Old Friends - Expanding the Horizon!
Thursday 2 September 2021 from 18:00 to 19:00 CET
Price: FREE · Location: Zoom (online)

At our last speed networking event we were overwhelmed by the turnout of the session and the feedback. This hour went by in a heartbeat and it was your success that it was so much fun to see old and new friends. Therefore, we want to re-group again. This time however, with the goal to make even more new friends for the YMG. 

The next YMG-Speed Networking stands under the motto to “expanding the horizon and make new friends” for us and for INSOL Europe. So when you join this time we would ask you to invite one of your colleagues or friends that is not yet a member of INSOL Europe to join you and us. 

INSOL Europe and the YMG are the best way to meet colleagues with the same interest and field of work. We want to give interested and prospective young members a chance to see how great it is to be part of INSOL Europe and the YMG, even if the venue is on-line. 

Like the last time, you can bring your own beverage. We will have the official YMG drink – a Campari Spritz (garnished with an olive as a reminiscence to INSOL Europe’s logo) but just bring what you desire the most or what you manage to get your hands on. 

Don’t miss the chance to meet the old and new Young Members and join us, we look forward to seeing you all!

Clarissa Nitsch & Robert Peldan
Co-Chairs of the INSOL Europe Young Members Group
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INSOL Europe: Summer Speed Networking

INSOL Europe: Summer Speed Networking

Zoom Meeting
Time: 17:00 – 18:00 CET
Platform: Zoom Meetings
Cost: Free
Type of event: Virtual networking
Who can attend: Members of INSOL Europe

** Watch a short clip of the event here **

After the recent successful networking event for our Young Members Group, we are very pleased to announce that we have decided to open this up to all members of INSOL Europe!
The event will take place on the evening of Thursday 17 June, and will be free to members on a first-come-first-served basis, limited to the first 100 applicants.

Using the concept of ‘speed dating’ each attendee will have the opportunity to take part in 5 private (one to one) live video conversations with other members of INSOL Europe. Each conversation lasts approximately 6 minutes before you are automatically moved onto the next conversation. This format is designed to accelerate business contacts during a time whereby we are unable to travel.
Guests are encouraged to bring along a glass of their preferred wine/beer/soft drink from their fridge and tune into the session from the comfort of their home or office.
As each conversation is relatively short, it’s useful for each attendee to prepare an “elevator pitch” so they can quickly provide a clear summary of who they are and their area of expertise.
Please contact Event Manager Harriet Taylor for more details.
We look forward to seeing you online!
This networking event is kindly sponsored by Edwin Coe LLP.