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UPO Early Warning Europe Seminar

UPO Early Warning Europe Seminar


Dealing with the crisis is often complex for entrepreneurs. Many of them show an attitude of rejection towards this eventuality and struggle to admit their difficulties until they become such that they can no longer be hidden. The fear of failure and bankruptcy can paralise decisions and makes it difficult for Directors to walk towards turnaround paths. This is the main reason why, trying to manage the negative psychological connotation linked to crisis wording, the Italian Insolvency Code has essentially prohibited the use of the word failure itself and has replaced it by the expression judicial liquidation. Failure recalls the idea of a personal in-success. The introduction of early warning introduces the idea that the crisis should not be stigmatized, as it represents a  possible phase in the life of the company.

More in particular, crises are generally preceded by phases of decline which, if promptly diagnosed and addressed, allow the degenerative process to be stopped and trigger a turnaround. Crises often occur not because they are inevitable, but because companies are unable to understand the warning signs, are unable to identify risks and are consequently unable to monitor threats to prevent them and limit their harmful effects.
In Europe different ways to reach the goal to deal with crisis at an early stage have been implemented. Starting with the Italian one, we will try to consider the different European approaches to the issue.

Concluding remarks will be made by INSOL Europe President, Giorgio Corno.
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The Fraud Conference 2024

The Fraud Conference 2024


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Returning for a fourth year, the Fraud Conference brings together world class speakers including policy makers, insolvency experts, fraud specialists and academics, offering unique insights on developments in the world of fraud. 

This year the conference will be chaired by Arun Chauhan (Fraud disputes specialist & financial crime compliance lawyer, Tenet & Trustee Director Fraud Advisory Panel). 

A wide range of sessions are being planned to include:
  • AI and Deepfake: In this session our expert speaker will explore the role of AI and how fraud can appear in our daily lives. 
  • The Tools of the future: Our speaker will demonstrate the ways the AI are being put into use stopping fraud and the opportunities this emerging technology present.
  • Is this the near future of fraud? The failure to prevent fraud offences and the online safety bill are two new and evolving pieces of legislation designed to address fraud and cyber-crime. But how will they work? This panel of experts will share their thoughts and experiences around the legislation and the role failure to prevent fraud could play in the future.
  • Plus 4 x breakout sessions covering a range of hot topics.
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