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    The primary aim of the Younger Academic Network of Insolvency Law (YANIL) is to act as a forum for younger academics to express their views on matters of International, European, and Comparative insolvency law and share their ideas.
    Welcome on YAN Website
    Since 2008 the Younger Academics Network of Insolvency Law has grown to include dozens of members from a number of jurisdictions, both in Europe and internationally. We are a branch of the INSOL Europe Academic Forum bringing together postgraduate students and early career academics with an interest in International and European Insolvency Law.

    Founded by distinguished emeritus Professor Bob Wessels and Dr Myriam Mailly, the YANIL group is a form of (virtual) network intended to foster the exchange of information, specific sources, teaching and research opportunities, and information on research funding and support. The network aims to overcome the limitations often felt by younger academics by working alone in their home country with possibly only one or two colleagues understanding what their research is all about.

    The primary aim of this informal cooperation is to act as a forum for younger academics to express their views on international and European insolvency law and share their ideas. Anyone who considers themselves a younger academic who would benefit from membership of such a network are invited to join YANIL. The YANIL Website will also be supportive to the aims of the network.

    YANIL also has a permanent panel on the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Annual Conferences, which gives PhD students and early career academics the opportunity to present their research to distinguished insolvency colleagues who may be able to offer advice and recommendations to improve and deepen the research being undertaken.

    Participating in YANIL will be beneficial for the development of your own study, for widening your network of contacts, for the chances it may bring to further your carreer, but most important of all for a better understanding and application of issues of International and European insolvency law.

    Dr. Jennifer L. L. Gant
    Centre for Business and Insolvency Law, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University
    Chair of the Younger Academics Network of Insolvency Lawyers
    (September 2016)
    Founded by Emeritus Professor Bob Wessels
    Professor International Insolvency Law University of Leiden School of Law
    Past Chairman Academic Forum INSOL Europe
    (October 2010)

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    Please complete the form available here: Younger Academics Network - Application Form

    pplication to be sent to the chair of YANIL, Dr Jennifer L L Gant, at:



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