Welcome to the Younger Academics Network of Insolvency Law (YANIL) of INSOL Europe.

YANIL is a branch of the INSOL Europe Academic Forum which brings together postgraduate students, PhD candidates, early career academics and young professionals with an interest in academic research in the field of insolvency law. YANIL celebrated its tenth anniversary last year with its first workshop organised in Copenhagen alongside the INSOL Europe Academic Forum. 

The network was founded in 2009 by Prof. Em. Bob Wessels (The Netherlands) and Dr Myriam Mailly (France). Since then, YANIL has grown to include over 100 members from several jurisdictions, in Europe and beyond. The network is a platform aiming at the exchange of information and ressources, as well as research, teaching and funding opportunities. It promotes academic collaborations and support and provides a friendly and enthusiastic forum to share research outputs and to discuss contemporary issues of insolvency law.     

Since 2019, YANIL has been organising annual workshops which welcome postgraduate and doctoral students who wish to disseminate and discuss their research and insolvency law. 

The current members of the YANIL board are:
If you wish to become a member of YANIL, please email us at: yanil@insol-europe.org 
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