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The INSOL Europe Technical Officer collate a wide variety of materials from members around Europe which are published on the pages of the Technical Content of the INSOL Europe website.

You can contact the Technical Officer via email if you wish to contribute to the Technical Content of the INSOL Europe website.

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 INSOL Europe/LexisPSL Research on implementation of EU Directive 2019/1023

This  research looks at how the EU Member States (as well as the UK) have updated or amended their insolvency and restructuring laws to implement the EU Directive.

Individual articles as well as a consolidated table produced by LexisPSL are available here.
On behalf of the members of the INSOL Europe/LexisPSL joint project on the implementation analysis of the Directive (EU) 2019/1023 in the EU Member States
For LexisPSL:
Kathy Stones, Solicitor, Lexis PSL Restructuring and Insolvency
Neeta Chenani, Lead Paralegal , Lexis PSL Restructuring and Insolvency
Matt Van Bueren, Paralegal, Lexis PSL Restructuring and Insolvency
For INSOL Europe:
Chris Laughton, Partner, Mercer & Hole, London (UK), INSOL Europe Honorary Officer
Alice van der Schee, Advocaat / Rechtsanwältin Partner, Van Benthem & Keulen B.V., Utrecht (NL) on behalf of the INSOL Europe Membership Development Committee led by Alice van der Schee (NL), Radu Lucian Lotrean (RO) and Alberto Núñez-Lagos (PT)
Adrian Thery, Partner, Garrigues, Madrid (ES), Chair of INSOL Europe’s Directive Project
Dr. Myriam Mailly, Technical Officer, INSOL Europe (UK) 

Relevant information on the EU Directive on restructuring and insolvency remains available here.

A tracker on the implementation of the EU Directive on Restructuring and Insolvency ('DRI') in the EU Member States is also available here.


INSOL Europe/LexisPSL Joint Project on 'How EU Member States recognise insolvency and restructuring proceedings of a third country' (2022)

This document was prepared by a team drawn from the INSOL Europe Country coordinators with the assistance of INSOL Europe members or other local experts where necessary to complete this valuable research project.

Readers will find individuals answers of the contributors from the 27 EU countries but also a table summarising their findings which is reproduced in Appendix I of the publication.

We hope that this publication will achieve its aim, namely to ensure that a proper consideration should be given to providing information for all professionals interested in questions arising under the International Private Law of Insolvency.

We wish you an insightful reading! The document is available here.


Brexit publications
Relevant publications relating to the impact of Brexit on Cross-Border Insolvencies are available here.

Revised notice to stakeholders in the field of civil justice and private international law in view of UK’s withdrawal from the EU available here.

U.S.B.C. Chapter 15 Database

Relevant information on the Chapter 15 Database of U.S. Cross-Border Cases is available here.

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