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    INSOL Europe Committee Chairs

    Honorary Life President and Honorary Chairman
    Marc Udink (
    Neil Cooper (

    Academic Forum
    Professor Michael Veder (
    Anthon Verweij (

    Anti-Fraud Forum
    Carmel King (
    Bart Heynickx (

    Case Register
    Reinhard Bork (

    Congress Technical Committee
    Frank Tschentscher (
    George Bazinas (
    Secretary: Emmanuelle Inacio (

    Constitution Committee
    Catherine Ottaway (

    Development Committee
    Alice Van Der Shee (
    Albert Nunez-Lagos (

    Eastern European Countries’ Committee (EECC)
    Evert Verwey (
    Radu Lotrean (

    EU Liaison
    Robert van Galen (

    Financiers Group
    Florian Joseph (
    Francisco Patricio (

    INSOL International
    Catherine Ottaway (

    Insolvency Office Holders Forum
    Marc André (
    Daniel Fritz (
    Robert Haenel (
    Stephen Harris (

    Judicial Wing
    Caroline Costello (

    Membership Approval
    Steffen Koch (

    David Rubin (
    Frank Tschentscher (

    Strategic Task Force 2025
    Steffen Koch (
    Wolf Waschkun (

    Turnaround Wing
    Alberto Nunez-Lagos (
    Steffen Koch (

    Young Members Group
    Georges-Luis Harang (
    Anne Bach (
    Latest News

    Bankruptcy After Brexit - Paper Published

    The UK-European cross-border insolvency after Brexit: The framework for the post-Brexit relationship between the UK and the EU is not yet certain. However, in the field of cross-border insolvency INSOL…

    Funding awarded for the JCOERE Project

    The European Commission has awarded funding under the JUST/2017/Action Grants programme to a project led by Professor Irene Lynch Fannon, a noted academic at the University College Cork writes Paul J.…

    Call for Expressions of Interest: Copenhagen Congress 2019

    The Technical Committee for the INSOL Europe 2019 Congress which will be held in Copenhagen from 26-29 September 2019 invites all INSOL Europe members to express their interest to participate as speakers…

    EECC Riga: Young Members Group Update

    Following INSOL Europe’s EECC conference in Riga, Latvia, the co-chairs of the Young Members Group wanted to give all of you a short update on activities and news around this event. The conference started…

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