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    Anti-Fraud Forum Introduction and members

    The Anti-Fraud Forum is pleased to announce the generous sponsorship of Grant Thornton UK LLP.

    Grant Thornton

    Grant Thornton UK LLP 30 Finsbury Square | London | EC2P 2YU
    T +44 (0)20 7383 5100 F +44 (0)202 7184 4301
    The Anti-Fraud Forum was established in 2012, with the following aims:
    • promote the use of insolvency processes to assist with the tracing and recovery of assets;
    • to share experiences amongst members of the group; and
    • to provide a forum to educate a wider audience on the threats of fraud. 
    At the 2018 Annual Congress in Athens (Greece), the Anti-Fraud Forum will launch two panels dealing with ways to combat fraud. More information will follow.

    To contact the Forum, get in touch with the Co-Chairs listed below.

    Co-Chairs of the Anti-Fraud Forum
    Carmel King (
    Bart Heynickx (

    Group members
    Dick Alblas, The Netherlands
    Marc d'Avoine, Germany
    Elke Bäuerle, Germany
    Alan Bennett, UK
    Sam Bewick, UK                                          
    Erik  Boerma, The Netherlands
    Stéphane Bonifassi, France
    Christopher Branson, UK
    John Briggs, UK               
    Jonathan Brown, UK                                    
    Richard Brown, UK
    Geoff Carton-Kelly, UK                                 
    Frances Coulson, UK 
    Gavin Cunningham, UK
    Karol Czepukojć, Poland
    Csia László, Hungary                  
    Nigel Davies, UK
    Glen Davis QC, UK              
    Dr Jeannine de la Bursi-Franssen, The Netherlands                          
    Edvins Draba, Latvia                                   
    Christel Dumont, Luxembourg
    Susanne Fruhstorfer, Austria                     
    Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, Denmark     
    Ruben Garcia-Quismondo, Spain   
    Martine Gerber-Lemarie, Luxembourg       
    Christopher Harlowe, UK                            
    Stephen Harris, UK
    Frank Heemann, Lithuania
    Tineke Hilverda, The Netherlands             
    Nick Hood, UK
    David Ingram, UK
    Laurence Jacques,  Luxembourg

    Patrik Kalman, Sweden
    Laurence Katz, UK
    Bernd Klose, Germany
    Steffen Koch, Germany
    Marianna Kokowska, Poland                    
    Siegbert Lampert, Liechtenstein
    Jim Luby, Ireland
    Carlos Mack, Germany
    Michael Malitz, Germany
    Michael Martin, Luxembourg                              
    Luc Marty, France                                        
    Paul McCann, Ireland
    Kees van de Meent, The Netherlands 
    Yves Merlat, France
    Julien de Michele, France      
    Robert Van Moorsel, The Netherlands
    Beat Mumenthaler, Switzerland
    Finbarr O'Connell, UK
    Catherine Ottaway, France 
    Alberto Palomero Benazerraf, Spain
    Chris Parker, UK     
    Stefano Parlatore, Italy      
    Francisco Patricio, Portugal
    Nick Pike, UK
    Domagoj Sajter, Croatia
    Birgit Sambeth Glasner, Switzerland
    Bernard Santen, The Netherlands                 
    Peter Schimmel, The Netherlands
    Troels Tuxen, Denmark                                  
    Marc Udink, The Netherlands 
    Willem van Nielen, The Netherlands
    Mark Wilson,  UK
    Karlis Zunde, Latvia

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