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    Young Members Group Introduction and members

    We are pleased to announce the generous sponsorship by 
    Schiebe und Collegen of the Young Members Group.

    Dr. Robert Schiebe, Schiebe und Collegen, Hindenburgstraße 32, 55118 Mainz
    Tel: 06131 61923-0; Fax: 06131 61923-11     Email:

    The Young Members Group was established in 2013, chiefly to encourage the professional and social networking activities of INSOL Europe’s members of 45 years and below. Please do get in contact with us if you would like further information or to join the group. Further details will be posted on this page.

    Watch a short clip from our latest Young Members Group reception in Warsaw here. More videos will be posted here shortly.

    Co-Chairs of the Young Members Group:
    Georges-Louis Harang (
    Anne Bach (

    Group members
    Jean Baron, France
    Ádam Beáta, Hungary
    Lukas Bopp, Switzerland
    Peter Cavojsky, Slovak Republic
    Jan Willen De Haan, Spain
    Andreas Dimmling, Germany
    Edvins Draba, Latvia
    Salim Khan Durani, Germany
    Bas Ebels, The Netherlands
    Patrick Ehret, France
    Jamie Ensor, Ireland
    Glen Flannery, UK
    Daniel F. Fritz, Germany
    Gottfried Gassner, Austria
    Georges-Louis Harang, France
    Bart Heynickx, Brussels
    Luke Hoare, Germany
    Krijn Hoogenboezem, The Netherlands
    Sophie Jamain, Belgium
    Florian Joseph, Germany
    Patrik Kalman, Sweden
    Peter Hedergaard Knudsen, Denmark
    Ilya Kokorin, Russia
    Roman-Knut Seger, Germany
    Lucas Kortman, The Netherlands
    Jean-Michel Kunz, Switzerland
    Luigi Lai, Poland
    Anton Molchanov, Ukraine
    Audrey Molina, France
    Aleksi Muhonen, Finland
    Piya Mukherjee, Denmark
    Charlotte De Muynck, Belgium
    Anna Palmérus, Sweden
    Niels Pannevis, The Netherlands
    Francisco Patricio, Portugal
    Elina Pesonen, Finland
    Rein Philips, The Netherlands
    Oleksandr Plotnikov, Ukraine
    Caroline Pluta, Germany
    Stefan Ramel, UK
    Susanne Riedemann, Germany
    Rodrigo Rodriguez, Switzerland
    Joaquim Sarrate, Spain
    Robert Schiebe, Germany
    Robert van den Sigtenhorst, The Netherlands
    Eugenio Vaccari, Italy
    Ahmad Tayane, Belgium
    Louis Verstraeten, Belgium
    Evert Verwey, The Netherlands
    Signe Viimsalu, Estonia
    Heinz Weber, Germany
    Ivo-Meinert Willrodt, Germany
    Karlis Zunde, Latvia
    WG - Young Members Group
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