Judicial Wing Introduction and members

The Judicial Wing was founded in 2006 in Bucharest during INSOL Europe's Annual Congress.  The Chair of the Judicial Wing is Prof. Dr. Heinz Vallender, Head of the Insolvency Court, Cologne.  In 2006 it consisted of five judges from five different European States.  The judges made it their challenge to discuss the problems of cross border insolvency proceedings and search for practical solutions during their annual meeting.  The Judicial Wing meets in conjunction with the Annual Congress with previous meetings held in Bucharest (2006), Monaco (2007), Barcelona (2008), Stockholm (2009), Vienna (2010), Venice (2011), Brussels (2012), Paris (2013), Istanbul (2014), Berlin (2015) and Cascais (2016).

The minutes from the most recent Judicial Wing meeting, Warsaw (Poland) in October 2017 can be found on the Documents page.

The Report on the Judicial Wing 2018 can be found on the Documents page.
For further information about the Judicial Wing, please contact the Co-Chairs:
Michael Quinn (Ireland)
Eberhard Nietzer (Germany)
Nicoleta Mirela Nastasie (Romania)


List of members: Judicial Wing Members, June 2019
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