Legal Tech & Digital Assets Wing Introduction and members

INSOL Europe is fully aware of the increasing relevance of new technologies in all practice areas in which our members are active. For this reason, a specialized working group was established in April 2019, the Legal Tech & Digital Assets wing. This wing is open to all INSOL Europe members with knowledge, expertise or just an solid interest in legal technology and digital assets.

The wing’s tasks are to:
  • Study & develop legal framework for legal tech & digital assets;
  • Educate & train INSOL Europe members (conference panels; specialized conferences / seminars / meetings; regular contributions or even column in eurofenix decicated to legal tech & digital assets); and
  • Find new members for INSOL Europe (including new type of members from the legal tech industry)

In this context we aim to: 
  • Sensitize INSOL Europe members to the new tech environment;
  • Be a bridge of cooperation between the Legaltech environment (Start up ecosystem, Associations, Business Angels, Ventures) and insolvency professionals;
  • Provide a forum for discussion and know how on "Hot Topics" of relevance to the Digital Assets and new technology;
  • Promote greater understanding and periodic collaborations in INSOL EUROPE’s magazine Eurofenix concerning: 
    • Digital  Assets in case of insolvency. 
    • New regulations and impact on insolvency sector.
    • Impact of Legaltech in the work of insolvency professionals, etc.
  • Help members to find solutions and to be updated by sharing knowledge regarding new technology and real experiences which could assist insolvency practitioners in their activity; and 
  • Create a real network for the European insolvency practitioners and insolvency professionals who are interested in new technology, Digital Assets and legaltech.

José Carles (Spain), Email:
Frank Heeman (Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus), Email: 
Laurent Le Pajolec (Poland), Email:
Ilya Kokorin, Russia/ The Netherlands
Tom Braegelmann, Germany
York Zieren, Germany
Aidas Kavaliauskas, Lithuania
Emmanuelle Inacio, France 
Michal Barlowski, Poland
Anja Droege Gagnier, France 
Ludovic Vanegroo, France
Bart Heynickx, Belgium
Signe Viimsalu, Estonia
Athanasios Paizis, Greece 
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