Insolvency Tech & Digital Assets Wing Mission Statement

The wing’s tasks are to:
  • Study & develop legal framework for insolvency tech & digital assets;
  • Educate & train INSOL Europe members (conference panels; specialized conferences / seminars / meetings; regular contributions or even column in eurofenix dedicated to insolvency tech & digital assets); and
  • Find new members for INSOL Europe (including new type of members from the insolvency-tech industry)

In this context we aim to: 
  • Sensitize INSOL Europe members to the new tech environment;
  • Be a bridge of cooperation between the Legaltech environment (Start up ecosystem, Associations, Business Angels, Ventures) and insolvency professionals;
  • Provide a forum for discussion and know how on "Hot Topics" of relevance to the Digital Assets and new technology;
  • Promote greater understanding and periodic collaborations in INSOL Europe’s magazine Eurofenix concerning: 
    • Digital Assets in case of insolvency. 
    • New regulations and impact on insolvency sector.
    • Impact of insolvency tech in the work of insolvency professionals, etc.
  • Help members to find solutions and to be updated by sharing knowledge regarding new technology and real experiences which could assist insolvency practitioners in their activity; and 
  • Create a real network for the European insolvency practitioners and insolvency professionals who are interested in new technology, digital assets and insolvency tech.
WG - Insolvency Tech & Digital Assets Wing
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