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    With twenty judges from 15 different European states, in 2011 the wing was able to present its first book published by INSOL Europe, 'Regulations and Measures of Protection in National Legislations within the European Union'.  The intention of the publication, consisting of papers delivered after the Judicial Wing meeting in Vienna, Austria, on 13th-14th October 2010, was to highlight the measures to protect the future insolvency estate in the member states in the time before and also close after the opening decision.  From the point of view of the parties of the proceeding it is important to know which limitations of their rights based on legal actions they will be faced with and how they can react to them.  Especially in the time before the opening of the procedure, special measures to protect the future insolvency estate need to be taken.

    The second publication of the Judicial Wing on the subject ‘Remuneration of the Insolvency Representative’ was presented during the annual meeting in Brussels, Belgium in October 2012. 

    With continuing productivity the Judicial Wing was committed to further topics and in 2013 published a new volume concerning the role of the Insolvency Judge in the restructuring of a company within the Insolvency Proceedings with the corresponding title ‘The Role of the Judge in the Restructuring of Companies Within Insolvency’.

    During its annual meeting 2014 in Istanbul the Judicial Wing dealt with the issue of the Appointment of the Insolvency Representative and presented a publication on this subject in Istanbul. 

    During the annual meeting in Berlin 2015 the Judicial Wing discussed the following topic: In general the new European Insolvency Regulation (EIR) and in particular the following four individual topics:
    1. COMI (center of main interest)
    2. Amendments of secondary insolvency proceedings
    3. Communication and cooperation of the insolvency judges and insolvency administrators
    4. New provisions concerning group insolvency.
    Meanwhile, 28 judges from 23 different European states belong to the Judicial Wing of INSOL EUROPE. It was agreed that each member would contribute to a publication in 2016 in Cascais on the Discharge of Natural Persons and Release from Debts in individual Member States in the EU.

    The published volumes are available to purchase here.

    Members publication:  Ignacio Sancho

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