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New EU Proposal for a Directive Harmonising Certain Aspects of Insolvency Law (COM(2022) 702 Final))

On 7 December 2022, the European Commission proposed new measures to further develop the EU’s Capital Markets Union (CMU), including a proposal for a Directive harmonising certain aspects of Insolvency…

Resilience in the face of Adversity – Dubrovnik Congress Report

INSOL Europe's second 'Annual Congress' of the year took place in its usual Autumn slot at the Rixos Hotel in Dubrovnik from 6-9 October with over 360 delegates in attendance, report Myriam Mailly and Paul…

FILA Celebrates 10 Years in Helsinki

INSOL Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Newson, was invited to be the opening speaker at FILA’s tenth anniversary event in Helsinki, Finland, from 18-19 August. The Finnish Insolvency Law Association…

Statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

In the early morning of 24 February 2022, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine. Russian armed forces were deployed into Ukraine to seize control of the territory of a sovereign…


Academic Forum Annual Conference 2022: Insolvency Law in Times of Crisis
The INSOL Europe Academic Forum Annual Conference 2022 on the subject of “Insolvency Law in Times of Crisis” took place on 5-6 October 2022 at the Rixos Premium Hotel in Dubrovnik. Sponsored by Edwin Coe LLP and facilitated by Line Herman Langkjær (Secretary, INSOL Europe Academic Forum; Aarhus University DK), the Conference was attended by 46 delegates from nearly 16 different jurisdictions. Myriam Mailly and Paul Omar report.

Beginning with the first day’s sessions, speakers dealt with papers under two broad themes: “Insolvency Law at a Time of Crisis” and “The Widescreen View of Insolvencies and Restructurings”. The many ingenious, thought-provoking and useful papers canvassed, inter alia, the impact of the pandemic on corporate and insolvency governance, limitations introduced during the crisis on insolvency proceedings and their effectiveness, the influence of macroeconomic factors on the success of reorganizations, insolvencies of socially important non-financial institutions with major public impact, environmental, social and governance in the restructuring of financial distressed companies and how business models transform after corporate restructuring.
The second day continued in this vein with the broad themes being “National Reports on Insolvency and Restructuring Laws”, “Comparative Approaches to Insolvency and Restructuring Laws” and “Debt Mediators, State Guarantors, and Interim Financiers”. The presentations on implementation focused on the specific situations in Italy, Poland and the UK as a comparator, while the comparative session featured intriguing novelties on crypto-assets and the regulation of crypto-providers, pre-pack trends and movements in the Netherlands and how can the success or failure of implementation of the Preventive Restructuring Directive be compared across jurisdictions. The final session picked up a variety of themes, including the fight against over-indebtedness in Belgium, the French experience in restructuring state-guaranteed loans and the protection of interim finance for distressed companies.
Overall, highlights of the conference, which also included a reception and dinner, included the delivery on the first day with the Gabriel Moss Memorial Lecture, presented by Professor Jasna Garasić (Zagreb University HR) focusing on “Effects of Foreign Insolvency Proceedings on Pending Arbitral Proceedings According to the European Insolvency Regulation” and the final session on the second day, the Edwin Coe Open Forum – “The Implementation Agora” chaired by Rolef de Weijs (University of Amsterdam NL) consisting in a lively and informal discussion of national implementations of the European Preventive Restructuring Directive.
The conference ended with the introduction of new Academic Forum officers: Rodrigo Rodriguez (Lucerne University) as the new Chair and Jennifer Gant as the new Secretary. In closing, all assembled looked forward to the next Academic Forum Annual Conference taking place in October 2023 in Amsterdam.
Profiles, abstracts and presentation slides have been published on the INSOL Europe website at:
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