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The Academic Forum celebrates its 15th anniversary in Copenhagen this autumn.

On 25 and 26 September 2019 the Academic Forum will gather in Copenhagen to discuss current topics in insolvency law. This year marks the 15th conference of the Academic Forum, which was first established as the Academic Wing under the leadership of prof. Sebastian Kortmann (Radboud University) and launched at the INSOL Europe conference in Cork in 2003.

With the formal adoption of the EU Restructuring Directive by the European Council on 6 June 2019, the theme of this year’s Academic Forum conference is very apt: “Harmonisation of insolvency and restructuring laws in the EU”

The conference focusses on the preventive restructuring frameworks that the EU Directive seeks to implement throughout the EU Member States. In six sessions, key elements of the restructuring framework as contemplated in the EU Directive will be discussed, as well as their (current and future) implementation and application in the Member States. 

These conference sessions will deal with the design and implementation of preventive restructuring frameworks, the role of directors and the position of the ‘debtor-in-possession’, the manner in which and extent to which creditors can be affected and protected by preventive restructuring frameworks (e.g. through a stay and cross-class cram-down mechanisms) and the administration of the restructuring process, with ample attention for the role of practitioners (in the field of restructuring) and judges. 

The traditional session of the Younger Academics Network of Insolvency Law (YANIL) this year forms a truly integral part of the conference programme, with younger academics talking about the EU Restructuring Directive. 

The final session of the conference, on Thursday 26 September, the Edwin Coe Practitioners’ Forum – to which all interested practitioners having already arrived in Copenhagen at that time are cordially invited – will explore the scope and limits of the stay.

We are very honoured and pleased that Prof. Ignacio Tirado, professor of Commercial, Corporate and Insolvency Law at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, Spain, and Secretary-General of UNIDROIT, has agreed to deliver this year’s Edwin Coe lecture. Prof. Tirado will share his thoughts with us on a highly debated issue under the EU Restructuring Directive: the “relative priority rule” in relation to the “absolute priority rule”.

Download the Conference Workpack here.
Download the 2019 Copenhagen Academic Forum Conference Technical Programme here.
Download the 2019 Copenhagen Academic Forum Conference Wednesday Presentations here.
Download the 2019 Copenhagen Academic Forum Conference Thursday Presentations here.

Academic Forum Annual Conference 2018

3 & 4 October 2018, Athens, Greece

The final technical programme can be found here.
The Wednesday presentation slides can be found here.
The Thursday presentation slides can be found here.

Academic Forum Annual Conference 2017

4 & 5 October 2017, Warsaw, Poland

The final technical programme can be found here.
The Wednesday presentation slides can be found here.
The Thursday presentation slides can be found here.

ERA/Academic Forum Joint Conference: “Insolvency Proceedings within the EU: Latest Developments”

8&9 June 2017, Trier, Germany

INSOL Europe Academic Forum Mid Year Symposium

29 April 2016, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

Download the final Technical Programme here.
Download the slides of the symposium here.
View a gallery of photos from the event here.


INSOL Europe Academic Forum and ERA (Academy of European Law) Joint Conference - Trier

19-20 March 2015, ERA Conference Centre, Trier, Germany

INSOL Europe Academic Forum and Nottingham Law School Joint International Insolvency Conference

25-26 June 2015, DICE Conference Centre, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

Nottingham Technical Programme (Final)

Nottingham Slides: 
Thursday 25th June 2015
Friday 26th June 2015


INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference

30 September-1 October 2015, Berlin, Germany

Berlin Technical Programme (Final)

Berlin Slides:
Wednesday 30 September 2015
Thursday 1st October 2015


INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference

8 & 9 October 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Technical Programme (Final)

Istanbul Slides: 
Wednesday 8th October 2014
Thursday 9th October 2014

INSOL Europe Academic Forum / NACIIL International Insolvency Conference

14-15 April 2014, Leiden, The Netherlands

IEAF-NACIIL Joint Conference 14-15 April 2014 Brochure


INSOL Europe Academic Forum/Academy of European Law (ERA) Joint International Insolvency Conference

18 & 19 March 2013, Trier, Germany

Technical programme
Speakers' contributions



INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference

21 & 22 September 2011, Venice, Italy

AF Venice Slides Wednesday Sessions
AF Venice Slides Thursday Sessions 

INSOL Europe Academic Conference and Centre for European Company Law Joint Insolvency Conference

1 & 2 July 2010, Leiden Law School, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

Leiden 2010 Thursday Presentations
Leiden 2010 Friday Presentations

Additional Slides :
Rutger Schimmelpenninck Slides
Jasper Berkenbosch Slides
Siv Sandvik Slides

INSOL Europe Academic Forum Annual Conference

30 September & 1 October 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

Final Programme
Stockholm Wednesday Presentations
Stockholm Thursday Presentations

INSOL Europe Academic Forum and Sussex Law School Joint Insolvency Conference

26 & 27 March 2009, Sussex Law School, Brighton, United Kingdom

Thursday's presentations
Friday's presentations
Final Programme

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