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    Academic Forum Annual Conference, Warsaw

    Update: The latest provisional technical programme can be found here.

    The Academic Forum of INSOL Europe will be hosting its annual conference in Warsaw on Wednesday 4 October–Thursday 5 October 2017.

    Expressions of interest are invited for the delivery of papers within the overall conference theme, which will be: “The Rise of Preventive Restructuring: challenges and opportunities”

    The theme is intended to focus on, inter alia, the following topics:
    • Procedural aspects of preventive restructuring frameworks: balancing efficiency and integrity of process;
    • Confirmation and cram down in preventive restructuring frameworks;
    • Groups and cross-border issues;
    • Instruments to facilitate preventive restructuring: stay, protection of new and interim financing, executory contracts
    • Broader challenges for restructuring frameworks: IP rights and safeguarding know how;
    • Financial restructuring: debt for equity strategies and tailoring affected classes;
    • Distinguishing between use and abuse of restructuring: asset partitioning and loan to own strategies;
    • Treatment of SME’s in preventive restructuring and insolvency proceedings; 
    • Issues for Insolvency Office Holders dealing with preventive restructuring procedures; and
    • Enhancing harmonisation versus the limitations of implementation through members states 
    In light of the particular success of past conferences, the intention for this conference is to have papers that challenge existing approaches, stimulate debate and ask profound questions about the feasibility and desirability of harmonization, convergence or approximation of insolvency law within Europe on the above mentioned topics. Proposals are invited that do more than just outline a topic of interest in respect of any given jurisdiction, but seek to understand, analyse and critique the fundamentals of insolvency law and take the subject forward. Papers that have a comparative angle are particularly welcome.

    Younger Academics are, of course, also invited to submit papers on the topics mentioned above, but they may also choose to present their research in the session that is dedicated to the Young Academics’ Network in Insolvency Law (YANIL).

    Expressions of interest in delivering papers within the conference theme should be communicated by 19th of February 2017 to Anthon Verweij, IEAF Secretary, by e-mail at: Please include an outline of the main issues and theses to be addressed in the paper. Proposals for papers will then be selected by the management board and the board will communicate around 1st of March 2017 those papers that have been selected for inclusion within the conference.

    After selection of proposed papers the panel chairs will contact participants of each session to arrange a joint conference call to discuss the outlines of the proposed papers and align presentations, discuss joining instructions and outline the set-up of the conference programme. 

    Would-be speakers who also fit the necessary criteria should also complete a form for a Travel Grant, available to download here.
    ERA/Academic Forum Joint Conference: “Insolvency Proceedings within the EU: Latest Developments”

    On 8 and 9 June 2017 the Academy of European Law (ERA) and the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe hosted an excellent conference on the latest developments in insolvency law within the EU. An impressive line up of speakers provided an in depth analysis of the recast EU Insolvency Regulation – which has meanwhile become applicable, the recent proposal of the European Commission for a Directive on insolvency, restructuring and second chance and the implications of BREXIT on the European insolvency and restructuring practice.

    Stefania Barriatti (University of Milan/Chiomenti) kicked off with an update of recent and pending cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union. The first session then addressed a number of issues concerning the recast EU Insolvency Regulation. Mihal Barlowksi (Wardynski & Partners) dealt with its scope of application, Gabriel Moss (3-4 South Square) addressed COMI (and how to shift it), Reinhard Dammann (Clifford Chance) discussed secondary proceedings (and how to prevent them), Bob Wessels (University of Leiden) addressed a number of concerns regarding publication of insolvency proceedings throughout the EU, Alexander Bornemann (German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection) gave an in depth analysis of the new provisions on insolvency proceedings of members of a group of companies and Nicolaes Tollenaar (RESOR) and Michael Veder (Radboud University/RESOR) highlighted a number of difficulties in the cross-border restructuring of (groups of) companies on the basis of a case study. The first day of the conference was concluded by Jenny Clift (UNCITRAL), who addressed current and future work of UNCITRAL in insolvency and secured transactions, and a dialogue between Gabriel Moss and Bob Wessels on the implications of BREXIT on the European insolvency and restructuring practice. 

    Day two of the conference focused on the European Commission proposal for a Directive on insolvency, restructuring and second chance that was launched on 22 November 2016. These proposals will dramatically change the insolvency and restructuring landscape of Europe, as was shown in the various presentations. Andreas Stein (European Commission) took the audience through the main elements of the proposal, Nicolaes Tollenaar then went through some important procedural steps of the proposed preventive restructuring framework, Florian Bruder (DLA Piper) assessed the proposed directive from a creditor’s perspective and Mihal Barlowsky addressed the interplay between the proposed Directive and the recast EU Insolvency Regulation. The conference was concluded with a round table (Mihal Barlowsky, Florian Bruder, Andreas Stein, Alexander Bornemann and Michael Veder) on the changing insolvency landscape in the EU.

    Delegates, speakers and organizers can look back on an outstanding and very enjoyable conference. 
    Adelaide Law School Symposium

    Business Rescue Law Reform in Australia and the EU

    National Wine Centre, Adelaide on Thursday 16th March 2017, 8.45am-3pm
    Tickets: $220, Full Time Students or Adelaide Law School Academics: $165. 
    Lunch and refreshments included.

    Are our business rescue laws still fit for purpose? How can they better assist directors to preserve value before it’s too late, but still protect other stakeholders including the public interest? Does one size fit all? Australia’s corporate rescue laws are 23 years old and recent reform have prompted the Federal Government to propose initiatives towards early intervention and more effective corporate restructuring, and these are likely to be implemented in 2017.

    We all face similar challenges in maximising business value in distress situations, despite variations between law, practice and culture. Moreover, these days financial distress of major companies and groups rarely stops at domestic borders. Therefore international and regional structures for harmonisation and cooperation need to be facilitated and enhanced. In the EU, the Insolvency Regulation 2000 on cross-border insolvency was recast in 2015, fully effective from June 2017. In 2014, as part of its Capital Markets Union Action Plan, the Commission recommended a new approach to business failure, and commissioned a comparative report from a team at Leeds University, which reported in 2016. In late 2015 an Expert Group was appointed to assist the EC in preparation of detailed recommendations, which are expected to be published in late 2016.

    This timely symposium in Adelaide will examine the current law reforms in both the EU and Australia, expected to be implemented in 2017. Our speakers are leading experts involved in putting existing laws through their paces, as well as shaping proposals for their improvement.
    Soak up some Adelaide sun, wine at the symposium’s dedicated venue, or drive to our world-famous wine regions; catch international arts week at the Adelaide Festival (, and still be in Sydney the next week for the world INSOL Congress ( - 19-22nd March)

    Speakers: Professor Gerard McCormack (Professor of International Business Law, University of Leeds), David Proudman (Partner, JWS, Sydney), Dr. Michael Veder (Radboud University, Nijmegen), Associate Professor David Brown (Adelaide Law School, Co-Director ROCIT (Regulation of Corporations Insolvency and Taxation) Unit)

    For full details visit:


    INSOL Europe Academic Forum Mid Year Symposium

    29 April 2016
    Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

    The overall topic ties in with the Academic Forum Conference held last October in Berlin during the INSOL Europe Annual Congress – recovery and restructuring in the banking sector. This is not meant to be repetitive but rather to underline the enormous importance of this area of insolvency and restructuring law. After all, what can be observed here is a fundamental shift of the underlying paradigm: from a debtor-creditor driven procedure towards a state-controlled one where supervision is determining the entire life cycle of financial institutions. It is a not an entirely unlikely assumption that these developments will have far reaching implications – including impact on the commercial insolvency law.

    The speakers are acknowledged experts in their field and include: 
    • Monica Marcucci from the Banca d’Italia in Rome will speak about “Shareholders in times of distress: from veto powers to write down?
    • Thorsten Höche, General Counsel of the German Banking Association, addresses “BRRD-Implementation in Germany – Goodbye to Insolvency law for Banks?
    • Thomas Bauer, Chair of the FINMA Board of Directors (the Swiss banking supervisory body), is going to speak about “The DNA of the Financial Market Insolvency Regulation: Waiving the traditional principles? – The Swiss perspective.” 
    • Prof. Ignacio Tirado, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, will broaden the perspective with “The problems of the holdings of sovereign debts in the balance sheets of banks.
    Download the final Technical Programme here.
    Download the slides of the symposium here.
    View a gallery of photos from the event here.

    Conference Venue:
    Senatssaal, Humboldt-University
    Unter den Linden 6
    HU-Hauptgebäude, 1. Obergeschoss

    Download a map of Humboldt-University Campus, and a plan of the Conference Venue.

    INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference

    21–22 September 2016
    Cascais, nr Lisbon, Portugal
    “Harmonization of European Insolvency Law”

    The theme focused on, inter alia, the following topics:
    • Substantive harmonization: opening requirements & directors liability for late filing;
    • Substantive harmonization: aspects of avoidance actions;
    • Creditor ranking in insolvency: possible approaches and obstacles to harmonization;
    • Challenges for preventive restructuring frameworks, in particular regarding new finance and treatment of executory contracts.

    Download the Final INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference Programme here.

    Download the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Wednesday 21 September 2016 Presentation Slides here.

    Download the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Thursday 22 September 2016 Presentation Slides here.


    INSOL Europe Academic Forum and ERA (Academy of European Law) Joint Conference - Trier

    19-20 March 2015
    ERA Conference Centre, Metzer Allee 4, Trier, Germany

    This conference aims to meet the requirements of insolvency lawyers to stay informed on the latest developments in jurisprudence and legislation in insolvency matters at EU level.

    At the centre of this event will be an in-depth analysis of the renewed EU Insolvency Regulation, including its possible implications in legal practice. The Council and European Parliament reached political agreement on the revised Regulation in December 2014.

    Key topics
    • Scope of the Regulation and definition of “insolvency”
    • Concept of COMI
    • Relationship between main and territorial proceedings
    • Coordination and communication
    • Related actions and interplay with Brussels I
    • Cross-border security and rights in rem
    • Insolvency of groups of enterprises

    Who should attend?
    Lawyers practising in the field of insolvency law, judges, insolvency administrators, ministry officials, policy-makers, academics.

    Robert van Galen, Partner, Chairman of the Restructuring & Insolvency Team, NautaDutilh, Amsterdam and President of INSOL Europe; Professor Avv Stefania Bariatti, University of Milan; Of Counsel, Chiomenti Studio Legale, Milan; Professor Gerald Mäsch, University of Münster; Gabriel Moss QC, Barrister, 3-4 South Square, Gray’s Inn, London, Visiting Professor at Oxford University; Dr Rimvydas Norkus, Judge at the Supreme Court of Lithuania; Lecturer at Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius; Professor Christoph Paulus, Research Center Institute for Interdisciplinary Restructuring, Humboldt University, Berlin and Chair of the INSOL Europe Academic Forum; Dr Bernard Santen, Senior Researcher, Leiden Law School; Pál Szirányi, Legal Officer, Civil Justice Policy, DG Justice, European Commission, Brussels; Jean-Luc Vallens, Judge, Associate Professor, University of Strasbourg.

    For further information contact
    Christiane Schmitz, Tel. +49 (0)651 937 37 122
    Online registration:

    INSOL Europe Academic Forum and Nottingham Law School Joint International Insolvency Conference

    25-26 June 2015
    DICE Conference Centre, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham (UK) 

    Nottingham Technical Programme (Final)

    Nottingham Slides
    Thursday 25th June 2015
    Friday 26th June 2015


    INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference

    30 September-1 October 2015
    Berlin, Germany

    Call for Papers & Travel Grant Application form available here

    Berlin Technical Programme (Final)

    Berlin Slides:
    Wednesday 30 September 2015
    Thursday 1st October 2015

    Visit our Events page for more information.

    Contact Caroline Taylor for more information.


    INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference

    8 & 9 October 2014
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul Technical Programme (Final)
    Istanbul Slides: 
    Wednesday 8th October 2014
    Thursday 9th October 2014

    Contact Caroline Taylor for more information
    With thanks to our Academic Forum Sponsor: Edwin Coe -

    INSOL Europe Academic Forum / NACIIL International Insolvency Conference

    14-15 April 2014
    Leiden, The Netherlands

    The Netherlands Association for Comparative and International Insolvency Law (NACIIL) and the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe were organising a joint conference. 
    Teaching and Research in Comparative and International Insolvency Law.
    Some twenty speakers had share experiences with training students, judges or practitioners in other legal cultures and in comparing legal systems. During a forum and workshops cross-border judicial cooperation had be discussed, as well as professional guidance for insolvency administrators and contrasting interests when saving banks or companies in financial distress. Non-Dutch speakers were professors Paulus (Berlin), Lynch Fannon (Cork), Van Dam (London), Vanmeenen (Antwerpen), Omar (Nottingham) and Madaus (Regensburg) and judges Vallender (Cologne), Richards (London) and Verougstreate (Brussels). 

    On Monday 14 April at 16.00 prof. Bob Wessels held his valedictory in the Academy Building.
    IEAF-NACIIL Joint Conference 14-15 April 2014 Brochure


    INSOL Europe Academic Forum/Academy of European Law (ERA)

    Joint International Insolvency Conference
    18 & 19 March 2013
    Trier, Germany

    Technical programme
    Speakers' contributions



    INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference

    21 & 22 September 2011
    Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel, Venice, Italy

    AF Venice Slides Wednesday Sessions
    AF Venice Slides Thursday Sessions 

    INSOL Europe Academic Forum Annual Conference

    13 & 14 October 2010
    Intercontinental Hotel, Vienna, Austria

    Final Programme

    1st day presentations
    Thursday morning part 1
    Thursday morning part 2
    Thursday afternoon part 1
    Thursday afternoon part 2
    Thursday afternoon part 3

    INSOL Europe Academic Conference and Centre for European Company Law Joint Insolvency Conference

    Cross-Border Management in the Banking Sector

    1 & 2 July 2010
    Leiden Law School, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

    Leiden 2010 Thursday Presentations
    Leiden 2010 Friday Presentations

    Additional Slides :
    Rutger Schimmelpenninck Slides
    Jasper Berkenbosch Slides
    Siv Sandvik Slides

    Leiden 2010 Images


    INSOL Europe Academic Forum Annual Conference

    The European Insolvency Regulation: An Update

    30 September & 1 October 2009
    Grand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

    Final Programme

    Stockholm Wednesday Presentations
    Stockholm Thursday Presentations

    INSOL Europe Academic Forum and Sussex Law School Joint Insolvency Conference

    Insolvency Law in the United Kingdom: The Cork Report at 30 Years

    26 & 27 March 2009
    Sussex Law School, Brighton, United Kingdom

    Thursday's presentations
    Friday's presentations
    Final Programme


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