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New Solvency Registry in Greece - Digitalization Game Changer

Written by Yiannis BAZINAS, Bazinas Law Firm, Athens, Greece. 

Update: November 2022

Data on the number of insolvency proceedings based on the previous legislation in force (the 2002 Bankruptcy Code) can be accessed on the website of the Hellenic Statistical Authority.
In line with the requirements of the Restructuring Directive, data on pre-insolvency rehabilitation procedures and insolvency cases as of March 2021 can be found in the Electronic Insolvency and Reorganisation Register (in Greek only).

Data on the use of out-of-court debt settlement mechanism is available here (in Greek only).

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Update: January 2022


The declared insolvencies classified pursuant to the quality of the insolvent debtor: 1998 - 2013.
Reported by George B. BAZINAS and Yiannis SAKKAS, Bazinas Law Firm, Athens, Greece.