Annual submissions/proceedings related to the Insolvency Law may be accessed online on the website of the Official National Trade Register Office (Oficiul National al Registrului Comertului).

According to available statistics, in 2020, 5,694 new insolvency proceedings were initiated and in 2021 (until end of June), 3,076 new insolvency proceedings were initiated.

As of 1 August 2021 22,977 companies were in some form of insolvency procedure. Of this number, 16,543 (72 per cent) of companies were in insolvent liquidation (bankruptcy). The rest of the companies, i.e. 6,434, were in the initial observation period following opening of insolvency proceedings or in a reorganisation procedure.

There is no available data for the mandate ad hoc procedure as this is confidential.


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Update: January 2022