State Reports - Austria

The implementation of the Directive in Austria – New opportunities for companies?
Author: Susanne FRUHSTORFER (Partner, Taylor Wessing, Vienna, Austria)
Source: Eurofenix, 2021/2022 Winter edition 

Austria: New act on implementing the Directive
Author: David SEIDL (Graf & Pitkowitz Rechtsanwälte GMBH, Graz, Austria)
Source: Eurofenix, 2021 Summer Edition

Austrian associations for creditor protection
Author: Susanne FRUHSTORFER and Andreas HOWADT (TaylorWessing, Austria)
Source: Eurofenix, 2019 Summer Edition

Out-of-court debt restructuring: Implementation of INSOL Principles in Austria
Author: Susanne FRUHSTORFER (TaylorWessing, Austria)
Source: Eurofenix, 2014 Winter Edition