State Reports - Bulgaria

2018 bnt CEE Insolvency Survey
We are grateful to Frank Heemann, Rechtsanwalt, Partner at bnt Heemann Klauberg Krauklis APB,Vilnius, Lithuania) for sharing this survey with the members of INSOL Europe.

INSOLVENCY SURVEY for Central and Eastern Europe (2013 - 2014)
We are grateful to Frank HEEMANN (bnt Heemann Klauberg Krauklis APB, Vilnius, Lithuania) who shared this survey that aims to provide an overview of the rapidly changing legal framework for insolvencies in CEE, to help decision makers and their advisors get a sense of the impact of insolvencies in CEE countries and thus to enable them to take the right decisions at an early stage, including the decision to consult insolvency experts to help secure their interests. Please contact Frank HEEMANN if you have questions or remarks.