State Reports - Ireland

SCARP: An update on the Irish rescue process two years after launch
Author: Enda LOWRY (Partner, McStay Luby, Dublin, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2023 Spring edition 

From East to West: Avoiding unjust forum shopping in Estonia and Ireland
Authors: Anto KASAK (Partner, Kasak and Lepikson Law Firm; Lecturer, Tartu University, Estonia) & Kedli ANVELT (TGS Baltic Law Firm, Estonia)
Source: Eurofenix, 2023 Spring edition 

SCARP: The new rescue process for Small and Micro Businesses in Ireland 
Author: Mark WOODCOCK (Lawyer and head of insolvency department, Fieldfisher Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2021 Autumn Edition

The Examinership of Norwegian Air Group
Authors: Ruairi RYNN & Rebecca MARTYN (Willian Fry, County Dublin, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2021 Autumn Edition

Examinership: The Irish Rescue Process 30 years later
Author: Irene LYNCH FANNON (Professor of Law, University College Cork, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2020 Spring Edition

Landmark scheme of arrangement in Ireland
Author: Ruairi RYNN (Willian Fry, County Dublin, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2019 Autumn Edition

The Bends in Ireland: The abuse of ‘lis pendens’
Author: Mark WOODCOCK (McDowell Purcell Solicitors, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2019 Spring Edition

Ireland: Court of Appeal clarification of issue of discretion in examinership applications
Authors: Tony O'GRADY and Kevin GAHAN (Matheson, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2017/2018 Winter Edition

Ireland: Irish Court makes key ruling in Ladbrokes examinership
Author: Warren BAXTER (Deloitte, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2015 Winter Edition

Major changes in company and insolvency legislation
Author: Enda LOWRY (McStay Luby, Dublin, Ireland)
Source: Eurofenix, 2015 Autumn Edition