State Reports - Romania

Calm before the storm: Why insolvency trends do not follow NPL trends
Author: Irina MISCA (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Managing Partner, CITR, Cyprus)
Source: Eurofenix, 2021 Spring Edition

Insolvency procedures and the state of alert 
Authors: Alina VALEANU and Andrei ZAMFIRESCU (bnt attorneys in CEE, Romania)
Source: Eurofenix, 2020 Autumn Edition

Insolvency proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic
Authors: Speranta MUNTEANU (KPMG and Veridio Transformation) and Luiza RADULESCU (KPMG , Romania)
Source: Eurofenix, 2020 Summer Edition

Liability of Statutory Directors contributing to an insolvency
Authors: Alina VALEANU and Andrio M. ZAMFIRESCU (GVP Gilescu, Valeanu & Partners, Bucharest)
Source: Eurofenix, 2020 Spring Edition

The undertaking: Mystery or reality?
Authors: Andrea CSOKE (Judge at the Supreme Court of Hungary), Nicoleta MIRELA NASTASIE (Judge at the Bucharest Tribunal, Romania) and Robert MUZSALYI (Judicial Clerk at the Supreme Court of Hungary)
Source: Eurofenix, 2019/20 Winter Edition

2020/2021 bnt CEE Insolvency Survey
We are grateful to Frank HEEMANN (Rechtsanwalt, Partner at bnt attorneys in CEE, Lithuania) for sharing this survey with the members of INSOL Europe.

Wrongful trading in Europe
Author: Mihai LANTOS (SPARL Stalfort & Someşan, Romania)
Source: Eurofenix, 2018 Autumn Edition

Strategic insolvency in romania
Author: Nicoleta MUNTEANU (Euro Insol SPRL, Romania)
Source: Eurofenix, 2018 Spring Edition

​Romania: Breaking new ground – Romania introduces Group of Companies provisions
Author: Ana-Irina ȘARCANE (Five, Romania)
Source: Eurofenix, 2015 Spring Edition

Romania: Insolvencies in 2014
Author: Speranta MUNTEANU (KPMG Restructuring, Romania)
Source: Eurofenix, 2014 Winter Edition

New Bill on Insolvency Code in Romania
Author: Simona Maria MILOS (SMDA and National Institute of Training of the Insolvency Practitioners in Romania (INPPI), Romania)
Source: Eurofenix, 2014 Spring Edition

Insolvency in Romania
Overview of Major Aspects of the Romanian Insolvency Law
Romanian Insolvency Law
Nomination of Trustees
Author: Radu LOTREAN (CITR, Romania)
Updated: April 2014