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    State Reports - Switzerland

    Switzerland’s new (or updated…) international insolvency law
    Authors: Prof. Rodrigo Rodriguez (University of Lucerne, Switzerland) and Marjolaine Jakob (CMS, Switzerland)
    Source: Eurofenix, 2018/2019 Winter Edition

    New Cross-border Insolvency and Restructuring Law in Switzerland
    Author: Roger Bischof (Bonnard Lawson, Switzerland)
    Source: INSOL International, Technical Series Issue No. 41, November 2018

    Switzerland: Current projects and new laws
    Authors: Daniel Staehelin and Lukas Bopp (Kellerhals Carrard, Switzerland)
    Source: Eurofenix, 2017/2018 Winter Edition

    New restructuring law in Switzerland
    Authors: Birgit Sambeth Glasner and Florence Pastore (Altenburger Ltd legal + tax,Switzerland)
    Updated: Eurofenix, 2014 Spring Edition