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    Update from Athens

    #YMGevents#YMGDrinksReception, Great occasion to share with the Young Members of INSOL EUROPE and new Young Members at the annual YMG Drinks Reception during the #INSOLEUROPE congress in Athens (4-7 October) and to host the President of the Insolvency commission of #AIJA, Héctor Sbert, many thanks to our sponsor Schiebe und Collegen, to Sabina Schellenberg and Slavomir Cauder, past co-chairs and YMG forever, very proud to be co-chair of the Young Members Group, Anne Bach and Georges-Louis Harang, #YMGspirit,

    Watch YMG Co-chair George-Louis Harang explain about the group in Athens:

    Participation of YMG's co-chair at AIJA's Annual Congress

    The Young Members Group (YMG) co-chairs were invited to the AIJA Annual Congress, which took place from 28 August to 1 September 2018 in Brussels. Georges-Louis Harang attended the congress and was warmly welcomed by AIJA members, especially Hector Sbert, Marine Simonnot and Anouk Rosielle, President and Vice-Presidents of the AIJA Insolvency Commission.

    Also, a meeting with Wiebe de Vries, President of AIJA, and the members of the Insolvency Commission was held on Thursday 30 August. It was an opportunity to discuss the cooperation settled between both associations and the future of this cooperation. Especially, details of the joint event in Mallorca in June 2019 were discussed as well as the possibility of other opportunities to cooperate in the future.
    On this occasion, the YMG emphasised the goal of a long-term cooperation with AIJA. Wiebe de Vries, President of AIJA, and the members of AIJA's Insolvency Commission are very pleased of such cooperation. 

    Concerning the Mallorca Conference, AIJA has put in place administrative support for the joint event (booking of the hotel) and have installed a specific committee in charge of the organisation of this event (members of the Insolvency Commission). The YMG co-chairs will be in contact with this organising committee to carry on the organisation of the seminar in Mallorca.

    We will keep you informed of the progression of the organisation of this joint event. Stay tuned!
    Update from Riga

    Following INSOL Europe’s EECC conference in Riga, Latvia, the co-chairs of the Young Members Group wanted to give all of you a short update on activities and news around this event.

    The conference started on Thursday evening with a drinks reception and dinner at the roof-top restaurant of the Gutenberg Hotel, which is located in the heart of Riga’s old town. Delegates, amongst them a large number of YMG members, were greeted by sunny and clear weather and enjoyed a great evening, which ended at a Cuban cocktail bar around the corner 

    The conference itself, centered around Balance of Interests: Restructuring, Insolvency and Second Chance, started Friday morning and was attended by over 100 delegates from across Europe. A wide range of photographs can be found in INSOL Europe’s Event Gallery:

    YMG members were present on panels. We believe that participation of young professionals as speakers / panelists has to be promoted and has to be improved. We therefore highly encourage you to let us know if you would like to present a topic at some future INSOL Europe event and will do everything to assist YMG members in that regard and support them (a call for contribution has been launched for the Congress in Copenhagen – September 2019). 

    Last but not least, the traditional YMG drinks reception, kindly sponsored by Schiebe & Collegen, took place on Friday evening at the Radisson Blu’s Skyline Bar, which again was a great opportunity to network and exchange with young insolvency professionals from all over Europe.

    Meeting with AIJA

    Particular mention is to be made with regard to AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers (>). Not only did three AIJA representatives take part in the conference but also, alongside the conference, a meeting between representatives of AIJA’s insolvency group and YMG co-chairs took place to discuss potential cooperation and future joint projects - see photo showing from left to right standing, Héctor Sbert, Marine Simonnot and Kristīne Zvejniece from AIJA with George-Louis Harang; Sabina Schellenberg and Anne Bach sitting. As a result of this meeting, we are excited to announce that AIJA’s insolvency group and Insol Europe will host a joint event in June 2019 on the beautiful island of Mallorca that will focus on young insolvency professionals, not only as participants but especially as speakers / panelists (yes, indeed! Let us know if you are interested). We will hopefully be able to update you on details after INSOL Europe’s Annual Conference in Athens.

    If you have any questions or comments on the above please do not hesitate to contact one of the YMG’s co-chairs who will be more than happy to provide you with answers / our thoughts.

    Co-Chairs of the Young Members Group:
    Sabina Schellenberg (
    Georges-Louis Harang ( 
    Anne Bach (

    Young Members Group General News

    Activities of Young Members' Group INSOL Europe (“YMG”)
    Half Year Report 2016 to INSOL Europe Council
    Sponsor of this year's drinks reception at the INSOL Europe Annual Congress is the Portuguese law firm Abreu Abogados. This is very much appreciated. Also, Francisco Patricio and Eduardo Gomes of Abreu Abogados are very supportive in organising the event and in particular the now legendary after reception dinner and party.
    EECC Conference
    With Roman Knut Seger of BDO Restructuring, Giusseppe Scotti of Macchi di Cellere Gangemi, Alina Zechiu of BDO Restructuring, Vaclav Zalud of Dentons and Valter Pieger of Giese & Partner the YMG was represented with an excellent panel on a case study in the field of cross border restructuring.
    Nicolina Somlea of CITR kindly helped us to organise the YMG drinks reception in Cluj Napoca. We invited all young delegates at the EECC Conference for a drink reception at beautiful Joben Bistro (sponsored by Schiebe & Collegen). As every year, the event was very popular and Joben Bistro was the place to go right after the seminar. Once again, the evening ended up in having all together dinner in the old town of Cluj. Some of us met again the next day for an excursion to the Salina Turda Salt mine.
    Forthcoming Events / Annual Congress in Cascais
    September 2016, upon occasion of the INSOL Europe’s Annual Congress in Cascais, the Young Members drinks reception will be held.
    New Project
    Together with Carmel King (Grant Thornton UK LLP) of the Anti Fraud Forum, we have put together a project for a 1 day seminar to be held at the Offices of Grant Thornton UK LLP on 8 and 9 November 2016. We are looking to frame this as primarily a networking opportunity, where we can promote both groups and encourage collaboration. We are planning a drinks reception on the evening prior to the conference, with the next day taking place from 9am to 3pm. The content will be fraud related, for the most part generated and presented by the young members in order to appeal to both groups. There will be also one or two external speakers, to present something interesting, relevant and accessible to all.
    August 2016
    Slavomir Cauder & Sabina Schellenberg
    Activities of Young Members' Group INSOL Europe (“YMG”)
    Half Year Report 2016 to INSOL Europe Council
    The Young Members are truly appreciative of the German law firm’s Schiebe und Kollegen continuing sponsorship for the YMG. Schiebe und Kollegen kindly sponsors the drink reception taking place on the occasion of the Insol EEC One-Day-Seminar in Cluj-Napoca.
    The YMG Event in Berlin
    We invited all young delegates of the Annual Congress for a drink reception (sponsored by Schiebe & Collegen) on the Friday evening of the Congress. We noticed that the reception attendance numbers were slightly down due to timing and competing congress events; this in particular due the high-profile event of the Law Firm GÖRG that was commencing at the same time. Many young delegates told us that they could not join our reception as they were attending the Reichstag event. We are positive that we find for Cascais a better solution (more attractive venue, maybe other time slot). We are in close contact with Francisco Patricio who will support us with ideas for dinner locations after the drink reception.
    Poll with the YMG regarding their expectations towards INSOL Europe
    In order to gather more insight and feedback on the expectations of a Young Member towards INSOL Europe’s initiative and how the Young Members would lwish to contribute more to the organization, we initiated an internet-based poll among the Young Members. Below you will find its initial results:

    Q1: Would you like to have more social events under the flag of INSOL?
    Yes 81%     No 18%

    Q2: Would you be interested in organising such events?
    Yes 68%     No 31%

    Q3: Do you think that we should organise training programmes to younger members?
    Yes 68%     No 31%

    Q4: Would you be interested in organising such programmes?
    Yes 56%     No 12%

    Q5: Would you like to write articles in the electronic Newsletter of INSOL Europe in the Eurofenix?
    Yes 87%     No 12%

    Q6: Would you like to provide INSOL Europe on a regular basis with updates on Insolvency laws in your country?
    Yes 81%     No 8%

    Q7: Would you wish a stronger presence of the Young Members Group in the social media and if so in what social media and how could that be reached?
    LinkedIn 56%     No, actually it's okay as it is 37%
    Facebook 31%     Twitter 6%     Google+ 0%

    Q8: Would you like to participate in panels?
    Yes 75%     No 25%

    Q9: Do you think that a panel with just young members would improve our visibility?
    Yes 68%     No 31%

    Q10: Would you like to engage more in our Young Members Group and be in charge for certain areas and if so in what areas?
    No, thank you. 37%     Social events.  31%
    Training.           31%     Social media.   12%
    Others (please leave a comment below incl. your identification data).   0%
    As not everybody has responded yet, we will send a follow up email in the forthcoming days with a friendly reminder to contribute to the poll. Also, we will be liaising with those young members who showed an interest in contributing more actively in the YMG .
    Forthcoming Events
    May 13 2016, the EECC Seminar in Cluj Napoca: Cooperation and interconnection of INSOL EUROPE, its YMG and AIJA remains strong and continuous as well for this event. AIJA is again actively promoting this event among its members. On top of it, the Vice President of AIJA’s Insolvency Commission, Mr. Giuseppe Scotti will be not only present but actively contributing to the seminar. YMG has as well succeeded to have numerous speakers in the seminar’s panel and even create, with the help of the Seminar’s main sponsor, BDO Restructuring, an exclusive Young Member’s panel within the seminar.
    As upon occasion of other key INSOL Europe events, Young Members attending the seminar will again meet for their already established get-together – YMG Drinks Reception. It shall be held on Friday evening, after the seminar. Location has been pre-chosen – we are communicating with IE Romanian colleagues to help to secure local logistics with IE production team.
    September 2016, upon occasion of INSOL Europe’s annual congress in Lisbon, the Young Members Drinks reception is to be held. The details and a better time slot are being discussed with IE Secretariat. Within the reception or during informal talks with Young Members thought the congress we plan to discuss the request stemming from the poll in respect of training for the Young Members, which could be then upon Executive/Council deliberations integrating into any future IE events.
    Further Cooperation
    During the Berlin Congress it was agreed among the IE YMG and the IE YANIL that both groups would more closely cooperate and coordinate their future activities and events. We hope this could raise general attendance of various IE events.
    Following inquiry and request from IE for articles for IE Eurofenix as well as its online publication, we were able to raise awareness and interest among the Young Members in providing various national reports and analysis the winter – spring edition. We intend to continue encouraging the Group’s members to come forth and provide their input on regular basis.
    March 2016
    Slavomir Cauder & Sabina Schellenberg
    WG - Young Members Group
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